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Geo selfness

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With the Institute for Integrated Development Anima Mundi, we introduce GEOSELFNESS in innovative green development model for health and sustainable development. It is based on geomantic research of the bio/energy network of nature. The advantage of our geoselfness program is the geomantically supported healing natural environment in which it is taking place. We are introducing a geoselfness, which is a new trend of self-healing in nature, which puts the vital and spiritual connection of man and nature into the foreground. It offers self-healing, spiritual growth in nature, and a sense of self-satisfaction, which, in contrast to wellness, offers long-term effects, not just current pleasures. Geoselfness is for the holistic health in the connection of the auric field of man with nature.

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The benefits of geoselfness : for the connection with nature and with oneself, to strengthen their health and to preserve vitality; deeply engage in contact with the striking bioenergy springs of nature, relieve stress, and harmonize with the energy of the landscape, in order to cope with everyday obligations; to spiritually experience the universal potentials of the Earth in itself and to their own identity.

Geomancy integral turistic program represents a novelty in the international space and adequately incorporates elements of innovation and internationalization. Geomancy approach is based on real and verifiable starting points and it contains the elements of originality in inclusiveness with the natural laws of coexistence and co-creativity, different from the established and systemic thinking. In projects is a strategic development document for environmental planning. In the synthesis of work with people in the local community, we are developing an authentic green agenda - in line with the EU Development Strategy 2014-2020 for sustainable development and sustainable tourism with the original tourism products. We are developing new directions of geoselfness green geomantic tourism as a carrier product for health and well-being with the offer of high quality tourism products.

The typical and adventurous favorable attraction of the landscape is the labyrinth, which we place in the space according to geomantic principles. We make labyrinths authentically. As an example of a labyrinth which we made geomantically on Karst in Kosovelje. It's a unique work in nature. Labirynth drawing is drawn just for one specific location. A labyrinth made in that way connects all place levels. From spiritual to vital energic and physiological. A drawing simultaneously reflects qualities of the place, upgrades them and with meditative walk offers an experience forvisitors. With connected verticals between cosmic and terrestrialpole. In connectedness with nature enables the deeper experience of walking inthe labyrinth and a contact with its sense (inner self) in a shape of insight. Labyrinths can be healing. That is known in the tradition. In a creative way, we still hold on to ancient principles and upgrade them with intuitive innovations.

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