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Open learning environment for all generations

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Main activities and goals:

1. Geomantic Analysis, Open Learning Environment and Green Tourism Platform

2. Established 3 open learning environments

3. Education for educators and teachers, tour guides and locals (3 sets)

4. International Conference and presentations

The operation is establishing an open learning environment for all generations, for locals and visitors alike, offering forms of connection and deeper experiences of nature and the environment, and integrating the heritage of the surrounding into kindergartens and schools programs. Within the framework of the operation with the programs of forest pedagogy and pedagogy of cultural heritage, it develops the social function of the forest.

By comprehensively addressing the natural and cultural heritage of the area, it introduces to kindergartens and schools the teaching by sensing.

Based on the geomantic analysis of vital energy sources and the heritage of the area, the project will set up outdoor classrooms and create pedagogical and revitalization programs for locals and visitors. Geomantia is a holistic treatment of nature and the environment. The Platform, as a professional basis for spatial geomantic treatment for open learning and tourism programs, evaluates the natural capacities of the area, provides the basis for municipal spatial planning, a vital-energy tourism map, and project guidelines and starting points for sustainable infrastructure planning for a better environment. It provides a high standard of space health for performing OLE activities with the aim of preserving nature and developing soft contents that contribute to improving the quality of life.