4 elements

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I did the geomantic research of the island Rab for the subscriber of the Tourist board of Rab and Lopar. I discovered energy system of the island with beneficent points of 4 elements, that are centred with the middle point of ether.

Element earth is in the eastern zone of Mag bay. Element water is north in the peninsula Lopar. Element air is south-west in the peninsula Kalifront. Element fire is south in the old area of the town Rab. Element ether is present  where the formation of megalitic stones in Fruga is placed. Element ether gives acupuncturic points of 4 elements of Rab a connection with the spiritual centre of holiness of the place on island.

The points of 4 elements are appropriate for marking in awalking turistic path of geomancy. The 4 points have health quality for the island and for the visitors.

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The shape of the island of Rab is an open shell, which is energy open to the sea with point of element water and element air, to the west. The island is energy connected to the mainland in the point of element earth to the east.