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Over the centuries, modern culture has made an dominant anthropocentric approach to the world that places man at the centre. By evaluating the world from the standpoint of human needs, nature and the environment are given a secondary and inferiore role.

Consequently, man is isolated from nature and the environment. and lost in black and white interspace corridor disorientation. Attitude to the whole stay is lost. There was a huge forgetting about yourself. But the earth recalls. Opens the abyss of the dark side of such anthropocentric behavior. Modern egoistic man will have to face up to its own affairs

Viewing the world through the lens of satisfying human needs and benefits has led to the instrumentalisation of nature. Despite the urgent environmental problems facing us, and the creation of constructive political agendas to combat them, this way of looking at the world continues to generate development that is not inclusive.

Design : Anjel Lavin