With a group of collaborating we’ve done a geomantic healing of energetic organ of the third eye on the top of Rifnik in the Archaeological park Rifnik. 

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The healing is being proceeded on the location of the remarkable RIFNIK CASTLE, which has a distinctive historical mark from past – conflicts, aggression and supressed powers. The castle is on an energetic abdomen space of the landscape. The abdomen has a quality of power, self-confidence and interior focus. The abdomen digests flows of ideas into life force’s digestion, crucial for vitality of space and individuals. The abdomen is an organ of spring for basic vital forces – vital energies. 

This is environmentally responsible act of altruistic group, which with spiritual kindness of humanism strives for strength of health and public welfare of a wider social community. In today’s case for a sacred heritage of Rifnik – cultural monument of a cosmopolitan importance.

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Geomantic healing is SPIRITUAL ECOLOGY. In the process of geomantic healing 2014 – on 5 meetings we heal the weight of history impact for a well-being of new and yet coming generations. We heal spiritual marks of history – on astral levels of the space’s ecospehere, bound to alcoholism and suicides as well as longer history. Image titleThe healing embraces subconscious contents of space, which obstructs development of local community without awareness. Likewise programmes for lasting development which we get to know in our project. We revitalise the landscape of countryside with the aim of multidimensional openness. It includes reviving of ancient potentials of pilgrimage development of one place. 

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The results of the regeneration happen spontaneously. The guidance is to become one with the space and respect the blessing – to relive the qualities of nature in oneself through geomantic guidance. We’re not practicing any kind of esoterics. We’re continuing the tradition of meditative paths and pilgrimage, where’s no separation between body and soul. Everything is normal. For the nature has a spirit and bioenergy – as regarded normally. And the visitor talking with the tree is normal. 

The path to staying healthy is simple. Stress is abolished natural way. 

Meditations in motion, natural therapies and intuitive exercises bond us entirely into a whole – in connection with nature. We perceive the space and body at the same time. We perceive ourselves and nature at the same time as well. Without separation. The key is unity. Image title

COSMOGRAM for water

While making a new cosmogram for spread programming production of Flaška or USA, new diagnostic methods for analysis of aurial water field have been developed. 

As it seems life calls me towards a new »water-occupied« creative phase. Twenty years ago I started to geobiologically discover water springs. Then follows a period of water bioenergy and its memory investigation, which accompanies me since Costella project, where I vitalized bottling plant space in Fara, Kostel with litopuncture. In cases of ecological projects, the investors curiously inquirer me about the water, how to make good use of land with springs and its potential. In analysis for royal community and progressive agency Kozjansko I proposed the making of interdisciplinared hydrobiological and geomantic study of water, which shall be used in new innovative projects. 

GEOMANCY GUIDANCE in the Rifnik cave

We are arranging geomantic guidance through Rifnik cave for midsummer solstice 2014, on Sunday, 22nd June. 
When the sun cycle and the cycle of GEOMANCY KRRES reaches it summit, in time of midsummer solstice constellation 2014 in GEOCAVE RIFNIK we perform for a new kind of green tourism touristic guidance known to public. 
The programme of thoughtfull geomantic tourism is a successor of ancient pilgrimage to sacred places. It’s argumented on a holy cosmopolitan heritage of pilgrimage, also known in slovenian tradition. 

Rifniška zvezda / author Rok Vodeb

What are the secrets of ancient geomantic pilgrimage? Our microcosmos is reflected on Earth. We perceive ourselves through intuitive perception of nature. In geomantic guidance, we undrestand the whole space of nature like a space of initiation into our own spiritual core. The results of regeneration are spontaneous. The aim is to become one with space and respect the blessing – to experience the qualities of nature through geomantic guidance.

Geomancy healing –  COSMOGRAM 

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Litopuncture is a special type of treatment space, which can also be described as earth acupuncture. It is a modern holistic means to establish a spiritual and energetic health space. Its purpose is to establish sustainable health planning and working through the appropriate placement cosmograms (stone with carved emblem energy). Cosmograms each with its unique coded geometric signs made individually for each room separately. It is based on preliminary analysis of space that reveals disturbances in energy flow and pravzorce to help show the way to equilibrium. Kozmogramov healing effect is confirmed by modern science through spektrogramske analysis of water molecules in a given area of land. 
Litopuncture with carved cosmograms, the method of acupuncture places in the energy space nodes. The question for the purpose of establishing health space. In space (house, land) is positioned in tune with the spiritual-energy nature of the tissue. Site provides the necessary sustained vitality, value and visibility. The doctrine of harmonizing space cosmograms is fundamentally traditional knowledge and Taoism feng shuja, in modern times, quantifiable and scientifically confirmed. (Such as the latest example. Referred to my practice – Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto ..). 
Integrated, complementary part of the litopuncture consulting work with people. I belong to is the new geomancy generation where litopunkture holistic associate working with people.

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 The dynamics of movement and progression is developing in accordance to changes in space and in humans. We’re dealing with innovative value-added integrated ecology of the inherent health space & people> cosmograms (cosmos – the natural order of the universe and Earth & gram – drawing). Each cosmograms reflect unique local specialty, his identity and DNA archetypal geometry. 

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Cosmograms is a unique mandala, for each room designed in a unique geometry. In his drawings reflect universal prajezik nature-given individual space. 
Litopuncture cosmograms with the modern & traditional geomancy technology to create health space. Cosmograms-as-medicine space connect with your own spiritual and bioenergy source, which is actually a space automatically return to health and to become once again what the reality is – the identity of its primal energy and vitality, power and beauty. In principle, it is natural that present key lever litopuncture treatment and healing space. Cosmograms resulting from the legacy of the ancient tradition of sacred geometry. 

Litopunctura is therefore modern and traditional type of treatment space – space acupuncture. It is a modern holistic means to establish a spiritual and energetic health space. Its purpose is to establish sustainable health planning and working through the appropriate placement cosmograms (stone with carved emblem energy). Cosmograms each with its unique coded geometric signs made individually for each room separately. It is based on preliminary analysis of space that reveals disturbances in energy flow and pravzorce to help show the way to equilibrium. Cozmogram healing effect is confirmed by modern science through spectrogram analysis of water molecules in a given area of land. 

Cosmograms similar geometrical drawing up of various lines and shapes, but its function is not only aesthetic, but it encodes the code that treatment that permeates the entire space and encourage the process of harmonization. 

Litopuncture physical works on the principle of induction and resonance that by placing cosmograms the corresponding energy hub helps create balance and harmony of energy throughout the room. Litopunktura respect and take into account the multidimensional identity space and helps to establish sustainable natural life energy compliance space. 

Liopuncture stone is a traditional menhir. A menhir (French, from Middle Breton : men, stone + hir, long[1]) is a large upright standing stone. Menhirs may be found singly as monoliths, or as part of a group of similar stones. Their size can vary considerably; but their shape is generally uneven and squared, often tapering towards the top. Menhirs are widely distributed across Europe, Africa and Asia, but are most numerous in Western Europe; in particular in Ireland, Great Britain and Brittany. There are about 50,000 megaliths in these areas,[2] while in northwest France alone there are 1,200 menhirs.[3] They originate from many different periods across pre-history, and were erected as part of a larger megalithic culture that flourished in Europe and beyond. 

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The function of menhirs has provoked more debate than practically any other issue in European pre-history. Over the centuries they have variously been thought to have been used by Druids for human sacrifice, used as territorial markers or elements of a complex ideological system, or functioned as early calendars.[4] Until the nineteenth century, antiquarians did not have substantial knowledge of prehistory; and their only reference points were provided by Classical literature. The developments of radiocarbon dating and tree-ring calibration have done much to further human knowledge in this area. 
The word menhir was adopted from French by 19th century archaeologists. It is a combination of two words found in the Breton language; men and hir. In modern Welsh they are described as maen hir, or “long stone”. In modern Breton, the word peulvan is used. < 
For geomancy business advice is a fundamental holistic treatment business premises and employees and holistic treatment solutions. With in-depth study of space, in which the general perceptual components, further shows subtle spiritual dimension-energy company, so we get an insight into the characteristics of its existing models, as well as the best platform for development.In any case lithopuncture recovery is still cure analogies between space and people. 

Quality of space affects the development of the company and employees. With litopuncture cure of existing space to the company allowing optimal conditions for development, employees healthy working environment that encourages individual potential.

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Humanistic perception

With a specialized focus in the space treatment in cases of complex pollution of space geomancy is known as space treatment science. It stands up for overall guaranteed norms and standards of space health. Its ability to provide space health offers and guarantee with place acopunncture method named litopuncture. It’s based on humanistic perception of biological processes both in humans as well as in space.


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Earth is a living organism, full of universal energy, which covers the entire living space in which we live. The room is so multifaceted, and in addition to geographical forms and biological sphere includes the essential fabric of space, composed of energy fields, flow and hotspots. 

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Geomancy tradition was alive in the early Middle Ages, as evidenced by clever design of cities and carefully selected location and the perfect form of cathedrals. Most significantly, it was exactly the setting of the church and other buildings at the intersections of energy lines, which represent an important energy center of the landscape.

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Net of the meridians

Each land and each house or apartement has its own specifical net of the meridians which are spread all round the world like a nervous system. The sources of the living energy and meridians represent a universal interactive order, exchanging the charges of the poles and enrichment of the environment. 
In a new inhabited place the flows, currents, should go through people, too. Without souch an interaction the feeling is artificial and not in harmony. Whenever there are difficulties in a living place I treat them as a disharmony between the source of the force points where the energy comes out into a building, into people and environment.

Living organism

Geomancy or holistic ecology is a modern, innovative approach which, in line with a commitment to social responsibility, cognitively identifies the space and (through reflection) geometry of social life. 
Holistic research of a space is used alongside generally recognised components of reading the characteristics and features of a space to additionally discern (added value) the spiritual energy dimensions of a space in the social sphere of the environment, and to thereby obtain insight into the characteristics of the existing collective patterns of the space as well as points of departure for its further development. 
In doing this, we research the diverse layers of a terrain – its material, energy and spiritual layers. In the next phase, the legibility of the characteristics of the space is focused, reflected onto the company, that is, the client (company, institution, etc.) as a whole. In each case, analogies between the characteristics of the space and people are sought out – companies / management / employees. The guiding principle of the geomantic approach at companies states that “a company is a living organism” and leads us to seek a humanistic understanding of corporate and creative processes. 
The quality and condition of a space have an impact on the consciousness of the 
company. Using new methods of holism based on a new paradigm of wholeness, it becomes possible to facilitate the creation ofeffective guidelines for the development of an environment (a company, an economy); at the same time, a healthy working environment for employees can be achieved. 
Key elements of the holistic approach include confronting problems in a socially responsible manner and becoming aware of solutions that can be applied to the task of orienting a company to achieve a “boost” in the success of its corporate,cultural, environmental and ecological functions. The spatial patterns taken into consideration express the vital characteristics of an environment on multiple levels as well as the social and economic dimensions that intertwine with it. In the urgent context of geo- bio-ethics, this is discussed openly, “out loud”. In this field we are introducing a new codex for environmental management which is fundamentally based on a consciousness that respects the principles of nature; it is the tradition of archetypes in a modern form.

Geomancy education

The education of geomancy I have in the area of the nature of Kras and the Slovenian coast, (Škocjan, Štanjel, Devin, Piran) are consisted with the time period. Space and time of the education are in a good harmony. 
The workshops are conducted three times a year, in the spring and autumn, abandoning the period of winter and summer, due to extreme winter cold (yin extreme) and the summer heat (yang extreme). 
I respect tao balance, in origin from traditional geomancy. Image title

(Wu Wei-无为 simplified Chinese, traditional 无为, is an important aspect of Taoism that involves knowing when to act and when to not. The other aspect is “Wu Wei”, meaning-no action.) 
The educations are based on taoistic geomantic tradition, the beginnings of Taoism date back to the beginning of human civilization. Taoism is the oldest science of the art of living. Educations are equally upgraded with modern holistic knowledge. With this skill I am learning for the future with tradition. Tradition and modernity, the yin and yang. 
I unite the spiritual heritage of ancient traditions with modern ways of creative learning and expression. So, the programme base is wisdom and knowledge of ancestors and tradition. Image title
In ancient China, in line with the taoistic knowledge the paople were avoiding major fatal events (strategic activities, warfare, business of survival in the environment …) for the winter and summer period. Chinese geomanticians were already thousand years ago respecting space and time coordinates. Ancient geomantician had salso the role of strategic advisor, observer of rythms of nature, spiritual and event coordinator. 
Geomantic skills are in basis Taoistic Yoga, which is performed in nature, in embrace of the Earths’ chi, in search of harmomy for micro & macro cosmos. Man =microcosmos, nature = macrocosmos. 

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Traditional geomantic training of Tao harmony has salso a holistic focus in integral development of idividuality of each person, in the spirit of time. The group represents the universality of learning & a person individuality. 
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The program is based in holistic approach to the Earth and human, learning about the natural, cultural and spiritual heritage of places, using the methods of intuitive perception and skills of experiencing and connecting with nature, expiriencing the space holiness, creative instructions of geomantic knowledge, sprit and body care. We also perform the skills of raising the energy and movement meditation that imitate natural laws, which each individual may perform individually at home. 
The period of winter and summer in the annual cycle is dedicated to individual work on ourselves, introspection and self-stepping. 
The workshops also pay attention to the importance of global changes, which are planetary in nature. The space is yin and the time is yang. The time periods are in geomancy related to processes. Each annual cycle has its own typical characteristic and constellation. At this year’s autumn cycle, which starts 29.09., we’ll learn about the planetary importance of exiting, transformating year 2012.