Business Environment

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The business environment is business areas with a working ambient of employed and wider areas of the market. Every business area has its central energy capital. It’s characterized by its quality and quantity of the living energy. It represents a biologic basis for condition and business performance. The working employmentof employees is the most important, on foundations of business’s building placement. If an area of the company has insufficient energy terms with a waste of energy, it results in a worse condition of people and deviation from the business. No company isn’t an isolated system but a part of a wider social area. The company doesn’t operate just for itself but also has an effect with users in the environment, in exchange of giving and taking. The company is aliving organism.

Assistance to a company starts with an overview of the working area and employed. Analysis of the working area discusses the characteristics of the location and organization: vitality, creative potential, operativeness,strategy, competence, motivation, belief, values, the pattern of behavior,mission and identity. Working places with an energy minus of worse predispositions burden the employed. The path of a company’s transformation begins with a composition of causes and consequences in a sensible way