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The project territory comprises the area by Janez Vajkard Valvasor described in his work “Slava vojvodine Kranjske ” – the territory, which was researched and detailed cataloged comprises a central part of Slovenia and the interior of Istria.

Project C-I-S introducing the new standard and qualitymark of the CIS, which willqualify the scope of the natural and cultural tourist facilitiesas the area where they are trained residents as geomancy guides and tourism operators generator development environment for sustainable tourism, based on knowledgeof ancestors, preserved until today, for thefuture generations that will protect this knowledge toprotect and develop.

It introduces a integrated approach – modeled after polymathic Valvasor, ancestral tradition and contemporary interdisciplinary work, which is based on geomancy study of environment.

CIS include ecosystem environmental science geomancy- research methodology multilayer integrated reading environment ecology, behavior intangible heritage of ancestors, geobiology, energy geography and geophysics.

C-I-S changing attitudes towards the environment and the hair roots with locals and visitors withtourism awareness programsin-depth experience of nature and history,which is based on relations of cooperation, in feelingand connection with the environmentas an alternative to the concept of consumptive use (and abuse) of nature.

Here is the Valvasor map of Croatia :

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Here is the map Valvasor Kranjska :

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