Doggy Flaska

The Water Bottle Doggy Flaska structures water via the renowned and unique TPS2 process.  It is produced in accordance with geomancy and feng shui principles.

 The bowl comes with a heavy stand which cannot be moved or spilled by your dog. Its aesthetically pleasing design makes it more than a utility as it will be a pleasing sight in your home or doghouse. Cleaning the bowl is simple and quick.

The quality glass bowl is produced by the renowned Slovenian glassworks Steklarna Hrastnik.

Similarly to the original Flaska, Doggy Flaska then undergoes the TPS2 process used in the integration of specific vibrations.

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The stand is made from a state-of-the-art mineral material. In the course of production, the stand is treated via TPS2. This will permanently embed vibrations directly into the product.Each stand is hand-made and unique because of the special way of painting. This is also the reason why there are minor variations in the shades of colour and the patterns.

Products are engraved with a special geomancy symbol and lot number.

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Geomancy simbol for dog is ZOOGRAM.

Geomancy simbol COSMOGRAM is for dog and place it works with sinergy.

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 The stand is also engraved with a zoogram designed specifically for dogs. It was created by geomancer Robi Lavin.

 The stand is shaped like an egg. However, the egg which was the inspiration for the Doggy Flaska stand is not just any ordinary egg – it was devised by Walter Schauberger! It is based on the mathematical ratio of octaves in music, making the product’s design harmonic.

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