Earth mirror

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The energy flows of the Earth, ground crossings, which are the exact mirror intersection of constellation stars in the sky. As above, so below. According to tradition, geomancy is Earth astrology, an ancient method of analysis and divination reading the place.

Geomancy – Greek γεωμαντεία, “earth divination”.The word geomancy derives from the Greek roots geo, referring to the earth, and mantikos, meaning “of a soothsayer” or prophetic.” Traditional geomancy is any system of divination (an attempt to get in touch with the divine) related to energy of the earth, is the study of the energy movements and positions of Earth points as a means for divining information about nature and human affairs. The energy of the Earth are planetary, collective and individual.

In touch with the realities of our living space and our own capabilities, we have the possibility of creative life. Then the Sky is connected to the Earth as one.

Design : Karin Lavin