Ekoci geomancy celebration

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Celebration of geomancy is happening with lectures opening knowledge of our ancestors in Ekoci civile initiative of Slovenia in Žalec, which are performed by many experts of exploring secretson Earth. We are openinig a thousands and thousands and thousands years old library of knowledge of our ancesters.

Personally, I experience lectures as a celebration of a new cycle of rising ecologic conciousness, based on the foundations of ancient knowledge, where geomancy is home.

With instruction process of stories of our ancestors I consequently open contents of my latent mentality, from the source of my ancesters. I experience that I have to accept the lesson of life stories of my ancestors, from where they got. not just knowledge, but also joy of life and power of survival.

People are obviously malnourished with these sorts of spiritual foods, which are a foundation of civilization’s survival. Evidently it notices, when the visitors listen to our lectures opening knowledge of our ancestors, They make sounds of Earth soul inside, with a message that they need to connect with their roots and conscript their sentience with nature and community in a new way.