Energy map

Geomantic analysis is a complete “energy map”.

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The Earth is a energy organism, that was a known truth in ancient cultures, pervaded with universal energy. The space is multi-layered and besides the geographical form and the biological sphere it includes the etheric and spiritual tissue, made up of energy fields, flows and centres. The landscapes’ body contains its energy organs, which are basic constructive elements of the anatomy of life systems for space. The area consists of energy fields, flows and points that we call chakras and meridians. Geomantic analysis covers the area of research of natural, cultural, architectural, sacred heritage and the dimensions of landscapes’ spiritual energy.

In the future,we willshake hands withthe energymap of theregion.Just aswe donowwith the geographicalmap.Let us remindthatgeography ispart of a comprehensiveknowledge ofthe areaasgeomancy.