Flaska Cosmogram

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With the Flaska bottle https://https://www.flaska.co.uk/glass-water-bottle-flaska bring the vibrational structure of water closer to the structure of spring water, i.e. water in its natural environment – this is called water structuring.

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Using TPS (technology of programming silicon), a vibrational programme consisting of various kinds of information from nature is imprinted into the glass.

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Glass programming using the TPS procedure:

First, three symbols are engraved into the glass: the first one is the batch designation (e.g. ACK1), which allows for quality management and monitoring. The second one is a (circular) COSMOGRAM or a mandala, which provides protection of the vibration programme in the glass.

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COSMOGRAM FLAŠKA supports the universal water archetype in its native living structure, which is identical to primal and nevtral state of every ‘living water’ in nature.

On its way from the spring to the tap, water travels through long straight pipes made from different materials — lead, asbestos, plastic, etc. This is not water’s natural environment, as water normally flows across different types of rock and through different layers of soil. Substances with which water comes into contact have a vibrational effect on the water, and this vibrational effect can be imprinted onto it for a certain period of time — coherent domains of water molecules resonate with this vibration for a longer period of time[1]. The same thing happens in bottles or water dispensers in which water is stationary for a longer period of time.

 With the Flaska bottle, we bring the vibrational structure of watercloser to the structure of spring water, i.e. water in its natural environment – this is called water structuring.

The third symbol, ORO, in a rectangular frame ensures a more efficient water structuring.

The “old” vibrations are then removed from the glass in order to increase the efficiency of the programme written into the glass.

In the third phase, the bottles are programmed with orgone cannons manufactured by the German manufacturer Bioaktiv. The vibration programme contains various information from nature that are in harmony with the water structure and thus influence it. This phase of the process is the longest and takes 90 minutes. The vibration programme is then stored into the silicon dioxide (SiO2) in the glass – the glass contains approximately 71% of SiO2.

When water comes into contact with glass programmed in this manner, information is transferred onto it through the quantum electrodynamic oscillations of coherent domains in the glas

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Masaru Emoto water crstals photographs of water from Flaska:

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        Tokio tap water crystal.                                   Tokio tap water crystals after being in Flaska

Copyright © 2013 Office Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese researcher whose photographs of water crystals are responsible for us not perceiving water merely as H2O molecules any more.

 He was born in 1943 in Yokohama. In 1992, he graduated from the Open International University with a PhD in alternative medicine. His approach is not strictly scientific, but rather comprehensive and opens new possibilities for different ways of perceiving water. During his work, he figured out that water is closely connected to an individual’s or a group’s consciousness, and that it is also extremely sensitive to other vibrations and information, such as music or words.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s method is based on the principle of freezing various 0.5ml water samples. Then, small pieces of ice are then extracted from the samples and used as the so-called “seeds” from which a water crystal is later grown. Crystals are formed at a temperature of between -5 and 0°C in various shapes based on which Dr. Emoto makes conclusions about the quality of the water. Water with a destroyed internal structure (due to mechanical, chemical or vibrational influences) does not form crystals or forms crystals with an irregular shape. Spring water usually forms hexagonal crystals, which is the same as the crystal of water from Flaska in the photo.

Dr. Emoto has written several books among which the best known is Messages from Water. In the book, various waters from all over the world reveal their respective face by means of photos of their crystals. The photos are evident enough for us to abandon the obtained technical-mechanical approach towards water and adopt a new one that treats water in a comprehensive way. The aforementioned book is the best indicator that not even two waters in this world are completely identical. It may already be deep in our consciousness and may have already been known to our forefathers, but Dr. Emoto was the one who demonstrated it to us explicitly.

The common thread of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work and the mission of Flaska is to encourage respect towards water, which is a necessary precondition for a quality lifestyle for today and tomorrow. The future will tell to what extent we have succeeded in that.