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Geocosmology is the science of geomancy and cosmology and their interrelationship or interface.

Geomancy means ‘earth divination’ and is, fundamentally, a science of earth energy, form and consciousness, including that of the human body and psyche as well as of the planet with its landscape and man-made environment.

Cosmology, the complement to geomancy, is a science of wisdom and metaphysical truths, including that of the stars, the heavens and the archetypes or angels of the universe. It is a science of spiritual energy, form and consciousness.

Geomancy and cosmology are, respectively, the ‘Hermetic’ sciences of earth and heaven. They complement each other and go together like twins or lovers. The higher lies behind and is revealed in the lower, and the lower gives the clues to and knowledge of the higher. They each affect each other and, ultimately, can be ‘married’ together.

The ‘face’ or interface of the two is an etheric world of great wonder and delight. This ‘face’ is symbolised by the planet’s landscape, the interface between the atmosphere and space beyond (i.e. heaven/above) and the more watery and solid earth (i.e. earth/below).

Because of the symbolic association, in the landscape, on the ‘stage’ of the world, the love-magic can be performed.