Geomancy Earth knowledge

Geomancy is a holistic discipline, which is examining multi-layered stratification of geologic energy, spiritual and erchetypical healing structure of space. Getting to know the specific region is vital in the process of making the PLATFORM OF EARTH ENERGIES AND ARHETIP KNOWLEDGE, with all its aspects and invisible dimensions. Besides the terrain configuration analysis, existing built and green structures – the original multidimensional space structure is observed.

Guide to geomantic approach is ‘landscape is a libing organism’, with humanistic perception of social and natural processes. The foundamental paradigm of geomantic work states that the landscape is intelligent and alive – which means that the laws and knowledge of living matter we work with are far more complex.

EARTH is a living organism, full of universal energy, which covers whole space we live in. Space is multi-layered and covers geographical form as well as biological sphere and essential tissue of space, made out of energy fields, flows and lesions.

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