For DANUBE REGION geomancy model of integrated development involving the vital energy elements of the landscape 

To secure the project area with long-term quality traits introduction of a holistic approach is to integrate tourist destinations, local communities, and dealing with nature space. The holistic approach is geomancy research based and provides a specialised foundation with starting points for sustainable planning. To make its growth goals achievable nature space potential is cornerstone; it is evaluated on micro locations platform. Starting points of the project solutions are identified through archetypal identity of the landscape, its vitality, and the potential of the area’s individuals. The project aims to reinforce the area’s touristic visibility, to create a green growth model for integral green tourism services, and a networking model viable in the entire Danube Region.

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Geographic area is identified by our partners’ micro points making a rounded triad. Geographically, the locations connect in AUSTRIA–SLOVENIA-CRAOTIA diagonal, intertwining with landscape waterway axis of Mura river

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 (1) Auersbach (Vulkanland) Austria, area’s upper part; (2) Varaždin, Croatia, area’s lower part; and (3) Goričko Nature park & Moravske Toplice, Prekmurje, in the middle – they make quality centres for European culture growth.

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Goričko : The name Goričko comes from the word “gorice”, which is what the local people call the hills which were formed long ago on the bottom of the Pannonian Sea and rose later on. People inhabited the softly shaped sandy terrain in pre-historical times and remained here.

Goričko Nature Park Authorithy : Green tourism is their modus operandi priority. They further green tourism information and educational centre. Balance and integration of environmentally complementary parts in (yang) Austria and (yin) Croatia. Green tourism (GT) is their modus operandipriority.

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They run green tourism information and educational centre in NaturePark (in castle Grad-cultural monument in state property) which is underNatura2000.

Sinergija- Develepment agency, Prekmurje: Visibility promotion lead partner -are located in the heart of the project area in Moravske toplice,on the slopes of the park Goričko.

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Varaždin Udruga za zaštitu i unapreč‘enje čovjekovogokoliša “Franjo Koščec”: Experienced human resource developer. The Balkans entry point.Association presents high experiencedhuman resource developers.

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They are located in Croation region Medžimurje.

Auersbach SPIRIT OF REGIONS: Reference point of the existing geomancy green tourism program – Geomancy tours in Vulkanland and the area of origin of their ecosystem’s remarkable vitality.

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Auersbach SPIRIT OF REGIONS Vulkanland is reference point of existing geomancy greentourism program.

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Geomancy greentourism tours in Vulkanland and the area of origin of their ecosystem is of remarkable vitality.

Through development of touristic activities project partners – tourist organisations and growth agencies – form a consortium, and form core network of geomancy tourism.

This is a model project applicable all over the Danube Region.

Nature resource protection investments and infrastructure facilities revitalisation planning will improve the area’s ecosystem status, preserve its biodiversity and allow for higher quality of living for the area’s residents. Authentic programme of geomancy green tourism is to augment the quality of touristic attractions through integrative tourism products and services.

Author of GEOMANCY GREEN TORISM is Anima Mundi Institute for Integrated Development


MODEL of integrated development involving the vital energy elements of the landscape ANIMA MUNDI :

We are introducing an innovative development model for generating various forms of sustainable development, taking into account the vital energy properties of the physical space and in cooperation with different professions in a spirit of environmental and social responsibility.

We are proceeding from a new paradigm: the physical environment is a living organism, meaning that we can work with the landscape as an intelligent and sentient being. The basic guidelines for development in the landscape or in a company can be discerned in the energy underpinning the environment and in the consciousness of the space – the genius loci – which ancient cultures recognised. In Slovenia, testament of this was preserved right up until the middle of the previous century.

After an introduction to geomancy and collaboration with Marko Pogačnik in the middle of the 90s, we developed our own approach.

This approach to designing sustainable development that includes the vital energy potential of the physical space was developed through experience with geomantic planning of settlements, and individual constructions (Projekt 8 Domžale neighbourhood, Planina hamlet, settlement of Visoko pri Ajdovščini, Vid Nova Gorica private medical centre, Costella water bottler, Fara; čŒešminov Park in Domžale), and geomantic guidance for business and introducing the integrated treatment of companies (TA-BU nepremičnine (real estate) d.o.o. Ljubljana, Cestno podjetje Koper (road company), Inštitut za delničarstvo (shareholding) Ljubljana, Flaška d.d. Begunje, Endovital Kočevje, Vita center d.o.o. Naklo and more).

Robi Lavin received a special award from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in 2010 for innovation in business consulting.

Karin Lavin extends her creative approaches from art into various forms of public activity within the modern art genre of land-art (education and awareness-raising about the importance of heritage and its integration into development). In this way she expands the field of art to the area of consciousness, both individual and collective. The projects yield results ranging from new methods of teaching through heritage to labyrinths and graphic and industrial design, which incorporates the energy function of forms.

In the Upper Kolpa Valley we worked creatively with the Municipality of Kostel in its efforts towards sustainable development and creating green jobs in the sparsely populated, unspoilt nature of the valley. We collaborated in designing the brand Svet Kolpe (World of the Kolpa). In converting the old school into a Tourism Development and Information Centre, after studying the location we drew up a plan to arrange it with lithopunctures and decorative paintings that reflect the archetypes of the physical environment. We provided an energy enhancement for a water pump and designed a water bottle applying the principles of holistic design, and its design in this way reflects the energy quality of the water.

Modern geomancy continues the tradition of old cultures whose traces are recognisable in Slovenia and Europe. At the same time they coincide with the findings of modern cognitive knowledge.

Development planning using a holistic approach is vital to the development of local communities (municipalities, local communities) and regions. By incorporating the vital elements of the landscape we ensure the health of the physical space and consequently of the inhabitants. Our proposals have been incorporated into the Regional Development Plans 2014 – 2020 in four Slovenian regions.

On the municipal level the municipal spatial plans are those that provide a basis for healthy development. We made a detailed analysis of the area earmarked for expanded settlement for the municipality of Domžale. The analysis discusses individual locations in the wider area and demarcates zones that are unsuited for building, along with the deeper qualities of the space, with guidelines for urban planners and architects regarding how to include them optimally in planning, so as to avoid any damage to the vital energy and spiritual potential of the location, and with pointers as to how we might enhance the quality of the given features. Domžale was the first municipality in Slovenia to include an energy study of a location envisaged for settlement expansion in municipal spatial planning documents.

Education is of truly special importance for developing an integrated approach to the environment. We organise education with the aim of generating integrated development in various areas and through various activities: from schools and nursery schools to local communities, societies and other groups.

A special set of education sessions for educators – teaching through heritage – is being provided in various locations around Slovenia: a multi-year collaboration with the Slovenska Bistrica and Nova Gorica nursery schools, and as part of various projects in Domžale, Gorenjska – the Forest and Countryside project – open learning environment for young people, the international project Living Landscape at the University of Primorska and more.

We work with various creative people and experts in different fields: architects and urban planners (Aleksander Ostan, Ira Zorko, Adrijan Cingerle), scientists and innovators (Andrej Detela, Maks Vrečko, Anton Fabjan).

The project KRRES Geomancy – platform for sustainable development of Rifnik and its archaeological site, Šentjur, Kalobje and Resevna

Through in-depth research of the location, in which we discerned the subtle spiritual and energy dimensions of the environment, we gained an insight into both the characteristics of its existing ancient patterns, and the principles for the most appropriate development of the wider area and individual microlocations, farms and local companies.

The inclusion of local people and entrepreneurial guidance in developing activities and in designing a common local brand served to express the identity of the landscape and the established programme of green tourism.

The KRRES Geomancy project, with its added value of spiritual and energy dimensions, goes beyond the established norms. It involves an integrated and innovative approach to spatial and social development. The use of intuitive knowledge, which is woven into the working methodology of the project, provides a multifaceted contribution to the wellbeing of the environment and people. It introduces a new hologram model of development that signals co-existence, co-living, an expression of deeper potentials of individuals and the landscape and thereby an enhancement and upgrading / enriching into diversity. This heralds a modern-day solution for various environments elsewhere in Slovenia and the world.

In the future we will develop activities in various projects from green tourism to pilgrimages with trained guides, who will offer visitors a deeper experience of the landscape, cultural monuments, nature and themselves.

Through education we wish to bring people closer to a new concept of success, based on personal development and the fulfilment of deepest desires or a personal calling, and contribute to diversity and concern for the community.

As in Solčavsko, we are striving to revive the wisdom of heritage and to design new models of coexistence and respectful collaboration with the environment.

The development of activities, be it for the individual, company or landscape, derives from deeper potentials, from the spirit core.

We therefore wish in future to develop various forms of green tourism, to cooperate in various environments in new forms of social organisation and to promote a new model of success, based on deeper potentials of the individual and on the expression of the individual’s unique qualities, the expression of the deeper potentials of the landscape, social responsibility and concern for the community.