Geomancy guidance

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GEOMANCY GUIDANCE RAB  25. & 26.08.2018   

I. LECTURE – Saturday, 25th of August at 8.00 pm

II. GUIDANCE IN FRUGA- Sunday, 26th of August, from 8.00 am to 12.00 am

Mentor guided programm for a group and individual consultancy

Holistic approach of connecting humankind and nature

Tradition connecting – knowledge of ancestors and holistic medicine for health of humankind and environment

Lifelong learning and understanding of planet changes of Earth in 2018

Geomancy exercises of self-healing in nature in Fruga

Lecture and guidance: geomants Robi Lavin & Karin Lavin, touristic guides of Rab Eros Grubišič‡ and Berislav Dumič‡.

In a lecture you will find out the basics of in-depth experience of nature and recognising the healing power of the natural environment. On a geomantic guidance in untouched nature of Rab with exercises made just for this place you will be vitalising on all levels, in physical, bioenergetical, emotional and mental, and spiritual body.

The area of Fruga is the source and centre of vital forces of the island. It’s the navel of the Rab’s body. It represents tha basic source of bioenergy for the biosphere of the island. Ancient rocks of Fruga rapresent in the environment potent wired with more layers. The rocks are casted downwards in the deepest geologic layers of the island, vertical spritual upwards and horizontal on the island’s spine. Fruga is an ancient place. It returns the visitor in the area of navel when the primal vital power of nature percieves.

By executing the exercises of Fruga, you will also find out a compound of exercises that you can execute in the other natural environments and at home. The whole program is guided with dedication to evolving self potentials and needs of individual.

The number of participants is limited.

Robi and Karin Lavin basic activity is designing programs and leading projects and educational courses in the fild of holistic perspectives on the landscape and man.

Robi Lavin professionally occupies with geomancy since 1999. With geomanticresearch, check up of living area and work space, environmental planning, areahealing, holistic consultancy, developmental supervision, maditations,educations and guidances of green projects: in urbanism, turism, architecture,natural and cultural inheritance, work space, family houses, ecology andinovative projects for health.

Karin Lavin, academic painter occupies with projects of valuation and development ofinheritance with integration of her contents in turistic and educationalprograms, that allows participants to develop their self potential andcreativeness by subtle experience of landscape. The ministry for culture RS inthis year named her fort he ambassador of European year cultural heritance.


Lectureand geomantic guidance: 50EUR.

Possibilitiesfor overnight accomodation:

Halfboard in Hotel International in the older part of the city Rab: 52EUR pera person (rooms with a town view)

Lodgingin private rooms: from  20 to 25EUR.

Bythe program you will have enough time for your research of the island andswimming. You can decide for a bike tour with electric bikes and know theisland better in an attractive way  (00385 98 461 247 – Eros Grubisič‡)  or for the Geoparkinspection- unique geologic building of the island (00385  98 329 122 Berislav Dumič‡).

SIGN UP with advance payment to 10th of August on