Geomancy is holistic medicine of the environment. Geomancy is dealing with Earth, in all its levels of existence – physical, energetic, sensual and spiritual. The basic paradigm of geomancy is that the space around us is intelligent and alive. Geomancy is science of ecosystem bio/energy environmental

Geomancy is a holistic discipline that studies the comprehensive multi-layered energy of space. In the research for the analysis it is crucial to know the holistic knowledge of the landscape with its visible and invisible dimensions. Except from the analysis of terrain, the existing architectural and green structures, in the analysis is also included the original multidimensional structure of space, spiritual and archetypal.

Geomancy as a integral ecology studies the nature as an ecosystem or a complete biotype, including the energy aura and the biosphere.The underlying theme for the geomantic approaches is that “the landscape is a living organism” with a humanistic perception of the process of man and nature. The basic paradigm for the geomantic work is that, the space is intelligent and alive – it means that the laws and knowledge of living matter with which we create are more complex than the usual understanding of the same.

Geomantic analysis is the expert technical basis for regional planning and maintaining a healthy environment. It includes cognitive spectrum of reading the landscape and puts it in the context of green development. It is an important foundation for achieving human health and harmonious development of the potentials of environment, which are systematically evaluated in the analysis on the selected area of the landscape we call “holon”.

Geomancy systematically deals with the anatomy of the Earths’ aura, recognising the ecosystem of the area. In addition to the geological components we distinguish spiritual, energy and healing sources.
Geomantic analysis is the empirical study of the landscapes’ organism with its organs and energy centres (chakras) that are interactive and interdependent as well as mutually conditioned with other components of the environment within the living organism as a whole. It all works together as a single system.

Geomancy and sacred heritage : Dimensions of the environments’ sacred heritage are also spiritually designed energy pathways to which the ancient cultures gave great importance by maintaining the sanctity of life through celebrating the quality of locations such as the ritual pilgrimage festivities.

In the temporary geomancy the paramount importance of energy pathways is systemised with valorisation of spatial values, in the architectural and urbanistic planning for the environmental development.
Geomancy as an art of creating harmonious environment creates the basis for the planning of green infrastructure. Planning is achieved on the platform of the energy map of lines and centres of areas’ natural resources. Life energy and healing values of the area as well as the natural and cultural heritage of the territory are taken into consideration.

In this way a new global wave of green planning, innovative developmental strategies and tourism programs open up,which follow the principles of nature. Geomancy is recognised in the world by pooling cognitive knowledge of our civilisation. The knowledge of energy routes and intersections is the basis.

Preliminary cultures were able to design their own approach to energy routes of the area, which led to certain intersections and centres of holy places, which were the centres of cult and cultural activities. Examples from all over Europe and the Mediterranean can be found of how the culture of young stone age – Neolithic – knew how to respect places of this kind. They marked them by placing stones – megaliths.
Megalithic cultures knew the crucial importance of energy routes and centres and have included them in their spiritual life. Ritual activity has strengthened the power of the space. Megalithic settings of stones are the oldest architectural achievements on the planet.

Energy phenomena within a region are studied at specific points as well as throughout the whole biospheric holon. These are the acupuncture points of the Earths’ body, which are then analytically combined and cartographically displayed on the energy map. In this way we get descriptions of the spatial identity and the ecological health of the area. Ecological health is a result of all the different dimensions within the space and ecosystem.

Application of geomancy brought the need for specialisation and standardisation of unique geomantic phenomenon discoveries. Furthermore, the use of geomancy has sparked interest in holistic relationship towards space and the use of spiritual energy potential of the selected area.

Is a multidimensional research and implementation approach. To revitalize an area’s ecosphere Approach deals with spiritual and energy dimensions of the area’s inherent characteristics. In order to deal with development issues holistically and to combine local and strategic levels effectively Approach initiates new knowhow and nature-derived actions. The approach surpasses established norms through the implementation of intuition.

We are introducing an innovative development model for generating various forms of sustainable development, taking into account the vital energy properties of the physical space and in cooperation with different professions in a spirit of environmental and social responsibility.

Earth, nature and space have their own vitalenergy circulation and intelligence, which is able to communicate and cooperate.Geomancy is therefore a knowledge of the subtle dimensions of the earth, nature, architecture and landscape. Also known as holistic ecology and european feng shui – the art of creating a harmonious environment. Among other things, teaches us how to live in harmony with the environment, how to build in accordance with the vital doing landscape and how to develop sensitivity to the earth and nature.

Geomancy is closely allied to the art of Feng Shui . Its purpose is to identify and neutralize the effects of any terrestrial or other energies which are not in harmony. Geomancy assesses the earth realm, or spatial relationship. It is helpful for optimum sitting and orientation of new construction. Work with homes, businesses, large parcels of land, farms, gardens, and the property surrounding structures. The objective in fieldwork is to balance and harmonize the inharmonious energies which flow through, or affect structures. This healing for the Earth translates directly into harmonizing of the interior space and future life of new development. We provide consultations for a variety of different building types and project scales. Consultation modalities include: Spatial Analysis, Space remedy and enhancement, Harmonization of Landscape/Architectural/Interior Design with spatial analysis, Harmonization of Construction Planning with spatial analysis, Holistic Consultation for optimal project management

Our mission is innovative development of the green model for sustainable growth in general, and tourism development in particular. We designed an integrated and sustainable approach during two decades of numerous completed projects in the field of geomancy research, nature space creation and planning, energy consulting, education, and holistic medicine of the environment.

Through a renown innovation of geomancy business consulting we developed a methodology synthesis of man and nature space in a holistic manner. The holistic combination of ecology and human capacities has derived from a contemporary paradigm of nature-friendly growth with regards to the ecology vision of planetary changes.

Geomancy Approach introduces new ecology standards concerning condition of the environmental and its holistic growth. Hence, a healthy spatial development is supportive of sustainable general welfare, equitable distribution of benefits and high quality of life on the one hand, and protecting and reinforcing natural sources on the other hand.

Geomancy is now known as the integrated behavior that systematically deals with the anatomy of Earth’s aura. It gives us a deeper insight into the characteristics of each ecosystem and its place Geodynamics: insight into the natural features of the site, the analysis of natural radiation area, identify the presence of sources of energy, see the psychological functions of the organism and its identity space, determine the beneficial effects of space on humans, the influence of geographical factors and geomanticy the mood of the people. The project work is used bio interdisciplinary approach to architecture and sociology. When such work is crucial thoroughly acquainted with the location, with its visible and invisible dimensions. In addition to analyzes of the soil, the existing building structure, green structure, equivalent to considering the structure of the original multi-dimensional space. Consistency location and shape of all components of the architecture, the external and internal structure, thereby providing spatial health and originality.

Our geomancy study amply detects geological, energy, spiritual, and archetype potentials of the area. The study provides synthesis of every level of existence in their visible and invisible dimensions. Along with terrain configuration analyses and survey of existing urban and nature structures the area’s multidimensional structure is taken into account, as well. Thus, the ground is provided to rate the area’s ecological status, evaluate its growth potential, and establish starting-points for sustainable development planning processes

Program of geomancy â€žprofound“ tourism is the successor of ancient pilgrimages to holy places. It is based on a worldwide spiritual heritage pilgrimage. Earth reflects our microcosmos. We experience our being thru intuitive experience of the nature. And the nature around us is then a space entering to our own spiritual essence. Regeneration then occurs spontaneously.

The underlying theme is to become one with the space – respecting the blessings of nature and its quality through professional geomantic guidance to feel and experience again the same nature in oneself, as a part of ourselves.

Geomancy continues the tradition of meditative pathways, natural therapies and intuitive exercises that connect us with the wholeness, nurture harmony of body and soul, all in connection with nature.



Per conseguire soluzioni innovative di progettazione, relative alla conservazione e al miglioramenton della qualita dell’ambiente e della sua identita, usiamo l’approccio sistemico sostenibile.

In base al riconoscimento dell’innovazione ricevuto nel 2010 dalla Camera di Commercio e Industria di Lubiana, abbiamo perfezionato la nostra conoscenza attraverso la realizzazione di progetti di ricerca scientifico – geomantica, di pianificazione territoriale, di consulenze sull’energia, di formazione e di ecologia sistemica dell’ambiente, dove trattiamo l’ambiente nella sua interezza, ossia non solo le singole parti della natura. In base alle soluzioni conseguite abbiamo creato un modello di lavoro trasferibile, utilizzabile per la realizzazione di un’autentica progettazione sostenibile. Per implementare la valorizzazione, la tutela e lo sviluppo dei beni culturali e naturali includiamo nello sviluppo sostenibile il potenziale energetico-vitale del paesaggio, cosi come nuovi contenuti culturali e storici. Cio garantisce la salute del paesaggio e offre le condizioni di un’esperienza esauriente delle/i visitatrici/ori. Con il turismo verde sensibilizziamo le visitatrici/ori riguardo l’importanza della conservazione dei beni culturali e dell’identificazione delle loro origini. Questa e una nuova tendenza nel turismo, che trasforma un turismo stagionale e superficiale in un turismo esauriente e continuativo con contenuti legati alla natura e alla cultura.

La scienza ambientale ecosistemica (Ecosystem Environmental Science) della geomanzia e una metodologia di ricerca basata sulla concezione sistemica dell’ambiente, dell’ecologia, del patrimonio immateriale, della geobiologia, della geografia dell’energia. Le conoscenze relative alla tutela della natura sono versatili. Tale scienza contiene un nuovo paradigma di sviluppo ambientale, e identica agli imperativi del cambiamento globale ed e stata testata su progetti realizzati nel settore del turismo verde, dell’urbanistica, dell’architettura, dell’ecologia, della geobiologia, del patrimonio, nel mondo degli affari e nei progetti innovativi riguardanti la salute del territorio.


La nostra missione e introdurre un modello innovativo di sviluppo verde per uno sviluppo sostenibile. Si fonda sulla Piattaforma geomantica della ricerca ambientale dell’interezza. E un documento strategico di sviluppo per la pianificazione ambientale. Sintetizzando il lavoro eseguito con le persone della comunita locale, una nostra specializzazione, sviluppiamo un programma autentico di politiche verdi – in linea con la strategia di sviluppo dell’EU 2014-2020, com’e il turismo sostenibile, con prodotti autentici e innovativi. Stiamo sviluppando nuovi indirizzi del turismo verde geomantico con l’offerta di prodotti turistici di alta qualita e di servizi innovativi.


In 20 anni di attivita abbiamo plasmato lo sviluppo integrale e sostenibile nei progetti di ricerca geomantica realizzati: nei progetti di pianificazione territoriale, di consulenza riguardante l’energia, nei progetti di formazione e di medicina olistica dell’ambiente. Si tratta di esperienze testate nei progetti realizzati di pianificazione territoriale, di consulenza aziendale e di medicina olistica dell’ambiente. Le nostre credenziali sono il riconoscimento per l’innovazione ricevuto nel 2010 dalla Camera di Commercio e Industria di Lubiana, la consulenza aziendale e il primo piano regolatore comunale geomantico realizzato in Slovenia nel 2009. Proveniamo dall’esperienza campione del modello relativo all’interezza, gia testato nella prassi.



Bavimo se inovativnim zelenim razvojnim modelom za održivi razvoj i održivi turizam. U 20 godina iskustva na području zelenog turizma, urbanizma, arhitekture, ekologije, geobiologije, baštine, poslovnog okruženja i inovativnih projekata za prostorno zdravlje, smo svoja znanja sinetizirali u integriralni održivi pristup. Taj se temelji na geomantijski platformi. To je prostorna studija sveobuhvatnog tretmana okoliša. Pruža procjenu stanja i ekološkog zdravlja okoline, procjenjuje razvojne kapacitete posmatranog područja te utvrč‘uje osnovice. To je matrica za autentično održivo planiranje. Znanja se svestrano upotrebljavaju u ulogi očuvanja prirode. Uvodimo nov standard ekološkog zdravlja i holističkog razvoja uz podršku održivom prosperitetu, visokoj kvaliteti života te zaštiti i razvoju prirodnih resursa. Revitaliziramo okoliš na izmjerenim geomantijskii područjima za područje ekosfere projekta. Uključeni aktere educiramo i osposobimo za razvoj programa održivog turizma.

Na temelju priznate inovacije Gospodarske komore Slovenije 2010, uvodimo holističku metodologiju sinteze prostora i ljudi. Holistička ko-kreacija izmeč‘u svih sektora čovjeka i okoline bazira na aktualnoj novoj paradigmi su-prirodnog razvoja.

Kontemporalni održivi know-how usavršili smo kroz ostvarene projekte znanstveno-geomantijskih istraživanja, prostornog planiranja, energijskog savjetovanja, obrazovanja te holističke ekologije okoliša.

Litopunktura predstavlja inovativni ekološki alat koji prelazi opstoječ‡u praksu okoline i prozrenih vitalno energijskih datosti prirode koje su oživljavajuč‡i sastojni dio ekosfere. Istovremeno predstavlja znanstvenu osuvremenjenu tradiciju menhira. Postavljanje kamena s urezanim simbolom na centralnoj točki mreže življenjske energije zemlje. Budi drevne postupce za označivanje identiteta i kultiviranje prostora koji su upotrabljavale drevne kluture na našem prostoru. Rezultirane pozitivne promjene u renoviranju ošteč‡enog ekosustava su znenstvano potvrč‘ene. Testiranja se rade sa različitim instrumentima. Učinak je održiv i prepoznatjliv u razvoju lokalnog turizma oplemenjenog s rašč‡u svjesti značajnosti održavanja prirodne i kulturne baštine okoliša za buduč‡e generacije.

Geomantijski održivi turizam . Održivo planira na osnovi platforme projekta iz geomantijske studije okoliša. Oživljava vitalne bio/energijske izvo prirodne i kulturne baštine za novoturističku razvijenost okoline.