Geomancy school

Geomancy workshops are holistic education with theory and practice in the field, mentored for group and individual. They are equipped with exercises in self-healing and connecting with nature, lifelong learning, developing intuition and creativity with the Earth. They are performed in areas with a beneficial spiritual and energetic character.

Geomantic schooling reawakens ancient knowledge of the sanctity of nature and its life energy. The alphabet of the basic laws of health and ecology of life is applied in training for many professions, such as tourist guides, organic farms, architects and researchers of the energy phenomena of the Earth.

Dilated states of consciousness heal, relax, and provide insights. They are achieved through exercise. Geomantic schooling teaches merging with nature as a fundamental medicine for relieving stress and developing healthy personal growth, through spiritual learning in the multidimensional levels of Earth consciousness.

Geomancy education teaches the school of internal transformation, for health and efficiency in current conditions. We are working on a change of mindset: attitude towards ourselves and the world, with regular practice of breathing, imagination, movement and connection with the Earth. Becoming is a new type of living and acting, to activate vitality and resilience. Geo exercises stabilize well-being on the primary elements of nature and in conjunction with the flows of the Earth.

The added value of the workshops are the presentations of the background of current planetary changes that permeate the global and local environment. Planetary energies force us spiritually into complex changes towards ourselves, society and the Earth. The workshops offer training to develop the senses in selected striking locations - which are energetically clean, attuned and stimulating enough for in-depth experiences of the spiritual consciousness of the landscape within you. What the place carries within itself as a treasure is reflected in the mentality of man. The place shows you who you are. A certain hidden potential in you awakens in consciousness in resonance with the place. You identify with a natural resource.
The earth mirrors our microcosm. With an in-depth experience of nature, we experience our inner self. With spiritual and physical training live in nature, the workshop space is a mentored polygon of introduction to our own spiritual essence.
Health is enhanced vitally and spiritually. Many pollution and burdens that unconsciously disturb us on an energy level need to be eliminated. After disconnecting from the distractions, there is a strengthening of the connection with the natural state of well-being.
Geomancy education teaches forgotten knowledge of tradition and new holistic approaches to health. There is always the key in uniting, old and new, inner and outer, Heaven and Earth.
Meditation with the Earth in nature means that you silence the mind and allow the language of nature to speak into your consciousness. It speaks in rhythm, melody and harmony, with different messages and silence - when you are one with trees, rivers, mountains, animals and stones.
The holistic approach teaches to include all areas of life together in change, with an emphasis on a new kind of grounding with the Earth. Only in this way are we attuned to all processes and in a position to realize our goals.