Geomancy today

The creative definition of innovative design requires the idea and performance of a to f as a drawing of the completed circle. The effort needed to develop new creative programs is usually long-standing in order to deliver results in practice. 02.02.

The diagnosis of health symptoms is visible immediately in the bipolar. The energy field is detected by the insight of the intuition, which penetrates the analysis more deeply than the measuring instruments. 01.02.

Researching the invisible and unconscious is immense. When you are ready, new passages will open in the treasures of the Earth’s consciousness. Geomatics training is the spread of consciousness. 30.01.

Contact with places is also remote. The inspiration or assessment of the situation is remotely identical to the field, when you are connected with the space sufficiently in the heart and you have a task for it before you. 29.01.

Exercising with energy exercises strengthens mental and physical connectivity and strength. In today’s time it is compulsory for those who are treating the professionally with treatment. 28.01.

Exams of life are cyclical in the presence of states from the primary family in the current situation. The character of a father and a mother appears in other persons, partners or creative content. 27.01.

Advising people is an antithesis of aggressive moralization. It shows the mirror to the client and raises the subconscious patterns as much as the man is mature. 23.01.

The labyrinth is created originally for the selected location. Every place has its own character, with the original record and the point of natural energies. 21.01.

Energy measurement of color frequencies measures typical categories for health and sensitivity according to the color scale. These are the universal frequencies of nature, humans and plants, as well as animals, food, beverages, accommodation, work spaces, objects and even thoughts. 19.01.

Spirituality is brought to the ground when everyday creative actions are born. Spirituality is grounded when you are in the relationship with the other with the results of the same for everyone. 18.01.

Cosmograms as medicinal signs work to connect the local and regional landscape. The energy exchange is two-way. 13.01.