Geomancy tours Karst

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We offer geomancy managed tours about Karst. That is a natural sport for tourists, with trips for special places with beneficent energy of Karst. Managed inspections connect people with domestic karstic area in view of diverse biogeographic and bioenergic sights of Karst, where I live with my family.

They are intended for descriptive discovering of inheritance wealth and Karst landscape identity. Karst is full of gorgeous secrets. They must be visible, seen and experinced. On geomancy managed tours ( which are in tradition also known for geomancy prilgimages ), invidual can besidese xperiencing nature beauty also heal himself.

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From workshop experiences in nature I’m finding out, that nature enrgies freely fill aurical field of human. When we coordinate with our environment which is in alive contact with Earth we experience ourself as a natural part of everything. E.g. pines in our karstic forest pulse incalm-stabile rhythm as a healthy human aurical field, then we spontaneously restore.

Every place which we visit in managed inspection has its recognisable configuration and characteristic for vitally energy of Karst body. We will also visit pecilar mysterious landscape temple of nature, karstic cave, architectural peculiarity of Karst, forests, seas by karstic border and vital geomantical junctions of Karst.