Geomancy Vulkanland

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Feel the soul of the landscape

Passing extinct volcanoes and cultural and natural treasures, the path leads us to finest culinary products, grown on fertile and mineral volcanic soil. Gentle hills, legends and by human hands designes resting areas accompany us. Our actions and thoughts leave traces, just as nature leaves traces, which we feel – but not always we can see them. We explore the outer nature and the nature of the people who live here and arrange their home with love.

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The geomantic and landschaftstypologische study examines the landscape-structural quality of the Sulzbachtales, the landscape-aesthetic essential structure of the landscape like its geomanic quality. The research question is directed toward the scientific analysis and interpretation that ark-typically and geomantic effective space factors regarding its effect on humans. The research results supply a basis for the future regional development as well as touristic activities of the region.

The study is compiled in co-operation with the professional school for health and tourism as well as with the municipalities of the project area. Interdiszilpinaer as also more intradisziplinaer participate in the project team FachexpertInnen that in the following stated specialist areas: Geology (Joaneum Graz) climate (University of Graz) medicine and sociology (Fachhochschule Bad Gleichenberg) and space planning (INGENOS time GmbH). Project co-ordination: Technical office for process engineering.