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Lopar represents the kidney of the island of Rab. With a characteristic of the vitality, sexual archetype of relaxation and primary state of living in nature with the acceptance of life as it is. It has 12 areas  of natural bioenergy healing sources. Lopar gives to the body of the island  Rab sexual energy of enjoyment and bio -physical relaxation and regeneration into the exceptional geologically features. Geomorphologically distinctly self-positioned in the organism of the island Rab. Lopar accepts the energy of the sea into the whole island.

Lopar boasts an exceptionally historic heritage that dates back to the earliest times. There are traces of ancient settlements on the entire island as well as in Lopar itself. These include numerous prehistoric archaeological sites, forts, burial mounds and artefacts, all of which bear witness to the continuous settlement of the area. There are several explanations of the origin of the name Lopar. While some believe that its name originates from the Latin word Eporium, meaning protrusion, others believe the name originates from the name of the Greek island of Paros, which was famous in ancient times for its marble.

Island Rab is one of the first oases of tourism on the northern coast of the Adriatic. Due to its tame vegetation and a mild climate, especially indented and sunny coast and the deep blue sea, stunning natural beauty and ancient culture and civilization tradition of Greek and Roman times to the present day, this island has had a lot to offer to its guests for a long time. In 1889 Rab was declared a tourist and health resort.

Geomancy investigation identifies and evaluates vital energy resource potentials, recognizes and preserves the resource base, based on the standards of a integral ecology in environmental protection. Geomancy study is the central platform for awareness, information and further sustainable development and geomancy green tourism.

Lopar is a unique example of a healing area for the entire Adriatic area. Findings are from a geomancy research made in April 2017 for the subscriber Tourist board Rab and Lopar.

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