Geomantic map Istria holona

Geomantic maps – Istria Holona


Geomantic map of park ISTRIA HOLONA and Villa Venera in Labin Istra :

Park is an impressive geological and geomantic potential of lower area’s body. It is characteristic in its geomorphologic center of gravity of the terrain and represents its focus, center. It has strong natural energy sources. The park is in an interactive relationship with the top of the area where Villa Venera is located. Villa dominates in the upper body of the area and is the entry point to the park. It cares for the guttural center of space and its characteristic – openness to the environment. The atmosphere of the Vill Venera ambience is sensible in its contact with park’s nature. Vertically gravitates towards the roots of land while at the same time being horizontally open in a broader landscape. The ether includes Labin and Rabac horizon.

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The whole site is environmentally healthy.

Characteristic of the location’s geosphere is the union of two poles: lower – gravitational – park’s nature space + upper – complementary – Villa Venera space. The dynamics of the two relief poles of the locations is positive, attractive and synergistic.

Location for macro holon Labin – Rabac represents the front of the body in the extroverted diffusion of life energy in the area of the plexus solaris.

The area which covers the central heart center (green center in the middle of the green line) and part of the terrain, which continues down to the park is located in the healing area of nature. This particular area of the park is of a high geomantic health quality of nature – allows
revitalization of man.

The energy field of the park is concentrated in the center of the plexus solaris. It has the status of the central area of the park, Villa Venera and Labin – Rabac macro holon. Accumulates energy and at the same time expands in the environment of Labin – Rabac macro holon. The center associates micro meridian of the park, Villa and two local dragon lines of Labin – Rabac holon

On the basis of empirical geomantic feng shui analysis it has been recognized and identified a latent geo-biological capacity of the landscape which confirms the vitality of the area of the park with a predisposition of quality natural sources of bioenergy. Spiritually, it has been recorded the presence of preserved natural center of the sanctuary, which is equivalent to geomantic religious structures of nature from the genesis of past pilgrimage cultures.

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The space is, for the purpose of green tourism, vitalised with a method of acupuncture of space. By placing geomantic stones (spiritual heritage of megalithic stones, it is the oldest architectural knowledge on the planet) it has been marked a green center of the space infrastructure. According to the principle of traditional environmental medicine, stones were set right on the main energy center of the park – in the formation of the circle. The circle represents the archetypal quality of the whole. The stones have unique drawings, cosmograms, in the quality of regeneration of four elements of nature (earth, water, air, fire) with value added element ether. Authentic cosmograms reflect the identity of the park in the coexistent ecosystem’s unity with the man. Area of the stone circle is has a geo-therapeutic harmonizing influence on the entire park.

Park is an attribute of innovative model of green tourism. It is geowellnes and geoselfness ambience of nature.

The red area is acupunctural ground center.

Orange center are points of elemental beings of nature. These are intelligent points of nature that have quality of calmness. These are centers of consciousness of nature on an emotional level.

Villa Venera is located in the communication area (blue), which combines excellent association of Labin and Rabac ecosphere