Geomancy analasys of Mediterranean was performed in summer 2015.  This is research methodology multifaceted treatment of the environment. Responding to a question MED contest – common territorial challenges that will be tackled by the our project GEOMEDTOUR  :

The load on Mediterranean environment is increasing in a noticeable global pattern in different territorial areas.The resilience of the Mediterranean environment has biological ecosystem disturbances in ability of absorption and durability.Is also more vulnerable to climate change, and environmental protection integrated to geomancy needs to be given a high priority.Global utilitarian urban touristic impacts affect the environment of the Mediterranean. It responds with a prominent need forprotection and guardianship.

As a consequence, the environment suffers from loss of freshness and energy resources.The existing directions of mass tourism are in saturation. It reflects in occurrence of acute environmental imbalances, intensifying the vulnerability of the biosphere.

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Mediterranean environment’s immunity is gradually weakening due to exposure to complex global influences, which are coming from the outside and interfere at multiple levels of the ecosystem.

If the center of Europe’s gravity loses its embedment with the Mediterranean, and redirects excessively outwards, first serious signs of jeopardy of the foundations of European culture will follow.

Original vital areas of nature act out of tune. These are prominent geomantic areas fuelling the entire Mediterranean.

Imperative of global changes warns us about the urgency of radical changes in relation to the MED environment- aims to reduce the potential impact of human activities on environmental and cultural heritage and ensure a better protection of natural resources – as it has never before in human history. Our project initiates innovative solutions, which are based upon the new paradigm. Its foundation represents a sample model of sustainable development. Simultaneously, we are reviving the ancient procedures of studying and vitalizing the area that were used by the ancient Mediterranean cultures.

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Geomancy assumes collective environmental responsibility. The situation of the Mediterranean was important message to global conditions.