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Geomancy program is an innovative program of ISTRIA HOLONA geomancy guides, which in a cycle of giving and receiving partnership of man and Earth, is nurturing partnership with Nature.

The traditional values of sacred geography and knowledge of ancient cultures on natural sanctuaries buildup creative approaches. Gained experiences of wholeness and health support establishing a balance of mind and body, and spiritual self-discovery through Nature.

Geomancy is holistic medicine of the environment. Geomancy is dealing with Earth, in all its levels of existence – physical, energetic, sensual and spiritual. The basic paradigm of geomancy is that the space around us is intelligent and alive.

Labin and Rabac’s landscape is specific for given vitality-energizing effects. Soothing, very suitable energies for relaxation and regeneration have been found in Villa Venera’s park. There is a vibrant energizing center that accumulates energy, produces a homogeneous fullness and is the source of light and opening.

Geomancy program were prepared by Robi and Karin Lavin. They are leaders of the Anima mundi institute for complete development, which focuses on education, development and carrying out new models of sustainable development. The models are based on the new global green paradigm and social responsibility that include complete spatial planning and development for achieving better quality of life, health of humans and the environment.