Healing Kampor

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On 20th and 21st October 2018, we completed the energy healing on the area of Kampor on the island Rab with participants from Slovenia and Croatia. The area of Kampor had a present seal from the past because of traumatic events from a concentration camp in the World War II. The geomancy diagnose was finished during a geomantic study presented to the Turistic community of Rab on the 17. 07. 2017.

Healing cleaned the old energy of negative emotions and opened the energical system of the island for self-renovation into new energy.The leader of the healing, a geomancer Robi Lavin worked 1 month with personal consulting for present natives and other co-workers on self-changes connected with a process of healing Kampor. Like that we hologramicly aid in theim provement of the island’s mental state. This sort of healing improves the vital energy state of the landscape for a condition of natives and visitors.

The bioenergy of the place is the main term for the fulfillment of green projects for natural therapies. It represents a matrix to the environment and people. Development in the local community is constantly inan interlacement between the area and people. Advising helps mutual harmony in the flow of the area. Continual development of a wider area which unites tourism,urbanism, and ecology is a complex process of transforming the local community’s mentality.

Geomantical tourism is a result of the municipality,touristic organization, environment and people’s collaboration with a revival of vital energy flow in increasing of environment’s life energy. Healing of energy-injuries in the environment turns negative environment’s vibrations into positive ones in a total of spiritual, mental and ether level of the residence.