Holistic design graphic symbol

The holistic design is based on the integration of archetypal foundation of activity and multi-dimensional space in the development strategy of the brand and the visual and verbal expression.

Logo designed according to the principles of holistic design is not only a visual sign or a symbol but a multidimensional work, it functions on several levels. These levels are expressed in the language of art. The logo, which is also cosmogram reflect certain archetypal pattern.With its multi-dimensional shape is capable to address the audience on a deeper personal level.

Graphic symbol of Handicraft Cooperative consists of five bowls in a dynamic circular arrangement.

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Bowl as a handicraft attribute is one that nourishes and protects the contents.

Bowls in the peculiar entanglement illustrate the involvement and participation of different actors in a cooperative and their interdependence, and upgrading to achieve common goals.

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Curves that wind from the outer edge of each container to the edge of the adjacent container further reflect the partnership and express strength steel, which is a quality of place. In this way the graphic symbol included archetype of apace, of the castle area in Slovenian Bistrica, where is located the Handicraft Cooperative.

Grafc game of bowls and their interior forms a dynamic rosette in a slight rotation. Rosette means cyclicality, renovation and the integration of the wealth of traditional handicraft skills in modern life. Convolutions forming a star of organic lines. Five-pointed star symbolizes human activity, human microcosm. That means the importance of expressiveness and creativity. Rosette and star symbol provide softness and at the same time the power of penetration.     author : Karin LavinImage title