Holistic medicine

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Lithopuncture – is the holistic acupuncture of space: for bio/energy regeneration of the environment. Litopuncture with chiseled cosmograms fit in energy junction of the place by the method of acupuncture. It raises with the purpose for connection of place health. It fits in place (a house, land) with spiritual energy tissue of nature.

Place give the necessary sustainable viability, value and visibility. The doctrine of harmonizing space with cosmograms the foundations of traditional knowledge Feng Shui, in modern times scientifically measurable and confirmed.
Integrated, complementary part of lithopuncture – Holistic medicine of environment– is the advisory work with people. I belong to a new generation of geomancy, where litopuncture holistic associate in working with people. The dynamics of movement and progression evolves according to changes in space and in humans. We’re dealing with innovative value-added integrated ecology for health areinextricably space & people> cosmograms (cosmos – the natural order ofthe universe and the earth dry gram – drawing). Each cosmograms reflects the unique local specialty, its identity and DNA archetypal geometry. Cosmograms mandala is unique, each room is designed in a unique geometry. In his drawings reflect the universal leangue of the nature- given individual space.
Lithopuncture with cosmograms is modern & traditional geomancy technology to create health area. Cosmogram-as healer- space to connect with their own spiritual and bioenergy source,which is actually a space automatically return to health and once again become what he really is – in their identity and primal energy liveliness, power and beauty. In that the natural principle of the present key lever lithopuncture treatment and healing space. Cosmogram sarising from the tradition of the ancient tradition of sacred geometry.

Lithopuncture is therefore modern and traditional nature of the treatment  – acupuncture of space. It is a modern holistic means to establish a bioenergetic health area. Its purpose is to establish sustainable health planning and works through proper placement cosmograms (stone engraved with the emblem). Each cosmogram with its unique coded geometric signs made individually for each place. It is made on the basis of a preliminary analysis of space, which revealsdisruption in energy flow and archetip that help the way to equilibrium. The lithopuncture healing effect is confirmed by modern science using spectrograms analysis of water molecules in a given area of land.