IGS Geomancy approach

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With a dynamic approach, The Integral Green Slovenia encompasses all aspects of life, from the environment and heritage to science, the economy, culture and the spiritual dimension. All aspects are focused on the moral core.

The process that began in Slovenia, with its integration of content and power of cooperation, must be continued outwards into the rest of Europe.
A renaissance of mankind is not possible through external means. Our relationship to the environment and to our fellow human beings is required. The dignity of man and respect for all dimensions of the planet and of nature must be re-build.
We need development that includes man and the environment as a whole and, in any basic point of departure, places the principles of equality, co-existence and co-creation between people and with nature at the heart of our basic approach.

The heritage of Europe constitutes the roots and spiritual capital of European regions, European countries and the entire continent. The mosaic of landscapes and contents from which we can, under the holographic principle, discern characteristics and identity as the basis for the construction of a common culture and common values.

The geomancy approach allows us to preserve heritage actively within the landscape’s vital-energy network. In connecting nature, culture, tourism, urbanism and spiritual heritage with the people’s internal authentic creative power within the environment. For natural and cultural heritage protection and the transformation of superficial urbanism, tourism and education to cooperative relationships with the environment.