Innovative development

Innovative geomancy development model

Integrated ecology or geomancy, which has been years ago established and recognised as a discipline in Germany and is being used around the word, defines different levels of physical space in great detail. The basic paradigm of geomancy is that physical space is intelligent and sentient. This means that the legitimacy and knowledge of the living matter with which we create are a great deal more complex. The earth is a living organism imbued with universal energy that encompasses the entire living environment in which we live. Physical pace is multi-layered and, in addition to geographical forms and the biosphere, also encompasses the essential tissue of space, comprised of energy fields, flows and focal points.

Through our Anima Mundi Centre for Integrated Development we have introduced an innovative development model for generating various forms of sustainable development, taking into account the vital energy properties of physical space. We work in close cooperation with different professions in the spirit of environmental and social responsibility.

We regard the physical environment as a living organism, meaning that we can work with the landscape as an intelligent and sentient being. The basic guidelines for development in the landscape or in a company can be discerned in the energy underpinning the environment and in the consciousness of space – the ‘genius loci’.