Istria Holona.

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Istria Holona is a center within Villa Venera, established to serve as place for spiritual and physical health of those who visit it.
We are a team of people who gathered to help enrich the lives of center’s visitors – by relaxing in nature, noticing that connection with Nature, nurtured since the beginning of time, reconnecting with it and ourselves, things somewhat neglected in today’s world.


In untouched nature of specific energetic qualities, we have the possibility to share with you our knowledge and abilities, helping you in achieving fulfilling relations and respect for life, people, nature and the environment.
We are a center of spiritual and physical health of our visitors, a place that will allow anyone who visits it to connect with nature and inner self, to learn how to establish and maintain internal balance and to live a fuller and better life.


With our knowledge, experience and support we help all visitors to achieve inner balance. We enable our visitors to enjoy nature and the benefits it provides. We provide spiritual self-discovery through nature. We teach how to connect with nature and yourself – your essence. We encourage holistic development of Labin, Istria and beyond.

Geomancy program were prepared by Robi and Karin Lavin. They are leaders of the Anima mundi institute for complete development, which focuses on education, development and carrying out new models of sustainable development. The models are based on the new global green paradigm and social responsibility that include complete spatial planning and development for achieving better quality of life, health of humans and the environment.

Robi Lavin is engaged in holistic environmental medicine. With geomantic research of space, urban planning (cities, ecological villages, tourist areas), integral design (energy healthy ambience), business environment (space and leadership), development of rural areas, healing the space with the complete ecology and vitalizing with Earth’s acupuncture, green tourism, specific projects for the health of nature and man as well as holistic counselling.

Karin Lavin leads projects and instructions in which there is a creative interaction between the landscape and people with the intention of raising awareness about the potential of nature, heritage, the space itself and personal potential of the individual. In projects of green tourism she is developing an integrated approach about landscape relations, resulting in a new tourist offer or brand. With meditative creative approach in the creation of forms and designing indoor and outdoor spaces (pictures and labyrinths) she brings in a deeper identity to the location