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Istria Holona is a center in Labin Istria ,within Villa Venera, established to serve as place for spiritual and physical health of those who visit it. We are a team of people who gathered to help enrich the lives of center’s visitors.

Megalithic stones with sacred geometry signs (cosmograms) are placed in the park of Villa Venera. They are dedicated to celebration of identity of the location and revival of energetic vitality from „the spring of Nature“, all thru regenerative effect of the four elements of nature and the fifth element – Ether.

The location is the navel, central area, and is located at the intersection of Dragon lines.

Due to specific concentric characteristics of the location, stones have been set in a circle. Principles of setting menhirs and megaliths formation circuit according to tradition, reflect the quality of the whole.

In geomancy research and positioning of stones we used indispensable practice of an ancient megalithic civilization, which dealt with energy lines and centers – as the basis for creating the subtle network space.
Original record of the old pilgrimage routes was discovered in all typical Dragon lines in this area. These energy channels were routes of the pilgrimages in the pre-Christian period. 

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Feeling as an integral and unique creature; and experiencing as whole with the nature that surrounds us contributes to the welfare and overall health of our visitors.
Wealth and special quality of vital energies of Istria Holona provide full support to relaxation and activation of individual potential and strength in you.

ISTRIA HOLONA team gathered in order to help enrich the lives of our visitors.

Our approach is based on geomancy, an integrated, holistic approach to man and nature. We want to help our visitors to connect with nature, to feel like a part of it, recognize ones’ reflection in it. In realization of that approach Robi and Karin Lavin led us through with professional guidance, assistance and support in the design of the project, creation of geomantic analysis of the park and the surrounding region, education for geomantic guides and setting the megalithic stones in the park Istria Holona.

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Robi and Karin Lavin are heads of the Institute for integral development Animamundi, which focuses on education, development and execution of new models of sustainable development. The models are based on the new global green paradigm and social responsibility, and include comprehensive physical planning to achieve a better quality of life, people and environment health

Our team – Istria Holona