Knowledge of ancestors

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Geomancy connects old knowledge of ancestors to the present time, which has radically changed, that does not persist in the intermediate state of breakage. It displayed the alphabet basic knowledge of life forces dates and results of geomancy research to geometry of the world. In the perspective of Europe and the local community. Modern civilization has spread throughout the earth to the limits of the possible exploitation of natural resources, with acute ecological trends of dangerous behavior to planetary home.

Geomancy is the successor to the pilgrimage to the holy places. “Know thyself ” was led oracles ancestors. Our work respectfully and patiently decrypt the forgotten secret knowledge ancestors, the way testimony living heritage of old beliefs and current research ecosystem.

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Take the example of the ancient stone from Krkavče in Slovenian Istria, in a distance of an hour’s drive from my home. This stone is treated as instructive example of the traditions of my neighbor’s environmental zone near my home. This stone has survived the centuries and is a remnant of the old religion from the period of pre-christian beliefs, and as such is an important heritage Slovenian pre-christian era. > Energy of the stone Krkavče is still working. The rhythm of spiritual impulses through the stone and flicker energy of the earth. Such stones testify and confirm that geomancy timeless knowledge. At the same time we are given a warning that this knowledge be used properly. So responsibility.

This kind of teaching is to develop roots back to the supreme being in nature, re-connection of the periods ancestors and development forward in recognizing mirrors planetary situations by combining cross-cutting disciplines for sustainable development.

We assessed the overall accession superficial reading skills ancestors. Since this area is extensive with more dimensions, they apply universally regarded in overcoming the one-sidedness. In addition, the common paradigm trap. The problem arises when this knowledge to interpret the existing paradigm framed. (Eg. The interpretation of telepathy, which is one of the methodologies ancestors and trainees geomancer.) These problems can not be solved with such arms as they arise. With the knowledge must be handled with a heart.