Labyrinth for park

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Labyrinth was temporarily set up in the castle park of Slovenska Bistrica – for residents of the city and kindergarten children. Designed and placed on the ground by Karin Lavin.

The drawing of the labyrinth in Slovenska Bistrica reflects the qualities of the castle park. It also relates to the land of the kindergarten, since the park, in its original design, stretched across the brook to the location where the day preschool is today. In addition, the kindergarten was the initiator of the installation of a labyrinth. After deepening on the site, Karin’s maze was drawn up for the needs of children and adults as a revitalization of park contents.

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The labyrinth is authentic in accordance with the geomancy standard. Labyrinth is always an excellent meditation path that attracts everyone in a simple way through movement and inner intuitive experience.

Karin Lavin basic activity is the design of sustainable programs and the management of projects and education in the field of integrated treatment of the landscape and man, which enables participants to creatively engage and subtly experience the landscape. Karin works with her husband Robi Lavin in geomantic projects. Programs are based on innovation and awareness and creative input of cultural heritage content into education, tourism and development planning.