Labyrinth Kosovelje

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In Kosovelje, in Slovenia, it was created energy park. The location is situated on the central energy meridian of Kosovelje, in the middle of the Karst landscape.

Project is realized by the owner of the location of Agnes Luin Jerevica and her husband. Agnes is a teacher of yoga. The purpose of this park is the application of yoga in nature and regeneration of the various naturally programs of the release.

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This is a new promotion yoga in nature. With appropriate energetic space. Unlike practicing yoga at the gym, the yoga practitioner in this area is more than twice regenerate.

In the project is included geomancy. I realized geomancy research, and litopuncture for bioenergy vitality and cultivated place with labyrinth. Author of the labyrinth is my wife Karin Lavin, who is specialized in designing authentic labyrinths in accordance with the standards of geomancy.

With geomancy research I discovered that at the heart center of location is recommended for a labyrinth. For meditative walking. This is the energy center with very well balanced energy.

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Drawing of the labyrinth is made especially for this location. Labyrinth has several layers of energy. The wrappers are rounded up and transported to the middle. In the middle is the spiritual focus of the labyrinth.