Lithopuncture tourism

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On 04.04.2018, in the island of Rab, we set up a tourist litopuncture of menhirs to vitalize rounded area of the island. Geomantic workshop for setting up litopuncture in the region of the tourist area – vitalizing and protecting the environment. The result of this kind of geomnacy work in synthesis with people and space is : the energy flows of the environment are improving and the self-esteem of the place reflects mirroring to the inhabitants and visitors.

Litopuncture is holistic medicine of the environment. An ecological tool for revitalizing biosphere and bioenergy. Acupuncture of vital energy datas of nature, the scientifically modernized tradition of menhir and sacred geometry. Tourist attraction of the unique geometric symbol of the island of Rab. Lithopuncture stones were set up with the leader of the project Robi Lavin, with the help of co-workers of tourist guides and actors to the hiking association Rab.

Based on the characteristics of this project geomancy Rab, in the period 2018 is emerging a new model of upgrading conventional tourism, as well as its transformation of the existing negative trends of tourism in the exploitation of nature in the new tourism, which is sustainable. Litopuncture serves to strengthen the identity of the landscape, revitalizing the spiritual and bioenergy value of the environment.