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The mentality of the city is determined by all the inhabitants, from the first to the last. It spans over space and rises high above buildings as a cloud.
Sustainable development of a wider area that combines tourism, urbanism and ecology is a complex process of transforming the mentality of a local community.Tourist geomancy projects address the original identity of the environment and the development of the tourist program of the inhabitants, in relation to the roots of natural, cultural and spiritual heritage. We are confronted with the global challenges of globalization. It is necessary to evaluate the positive aspects of globalization, to set boundaries against negative ones and to properly integrate them in the environment tradition.
Sacral – energetic places harmonize spiritual and personal conditions with the visitor, insofar as it consciously connects with in-depth communication to the spirit of space. Many people who visit the city council overlook the importance of in-depth communication and naively shout that the effect of prayer will be self-evident.
The subconsciousness of the space equals the subconscious of man, family, inhabitants now and before. In accordance with the development of circumstances, the subconscious of the house or the place of living is cleaned and liberated. All these influences are carefully diagnosed in geomancy.