Modern church

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During the geomancy survey at mount Rogla for a subscriber Unitur in June 2018, I also reviewed the church of Jesus’ change. The church stands at 1,474 meters, making it the second highest lying church in Slovenia. It is one of the rare examples of investing the economy in sacral buildings. The existing tourist offer on Rogla was added to this new quality. The church was built according to the plans of an architect Vera Klepej Turnšek. The church is positively placed in the area Rogla, the radius of goodness reaches the Planja hotel. Despite the modern construction, for which a legitimate concern is repeatedly raised, the building is thoughtfully designed. It blesses the surroundings and gives the tourist area a spiritual sense and strengthens the connection with people. The shape of the church on the etheric level resembles a feather. At the subtle levels of the environment, a calming spiritual atmosphere draws.