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For Unitur Rogla in June 2018 a geomantic research of park Hotel Natura is completed The made platform and consultancy for authentic geomancy selfness of self-healing in nature. Author Robi Lavin is now working II. part of the project Geomancy Rogla energy park flower Natura.

Location of Hotel Natura on Rogla has predispositions of energy spots from the endowment of energy sources with suitable parameters of the configuration of vital energy fields for touristic natural programs in concern for health.

For the area of Rogla, the location has a special value of beneficence. It’s shownit type of landscape region with a character of the inner piece. With a steady frequency of the Earth, it eliminates extremity. Energical park Rogla is in the area of Rogla where potential healing attractive natural inheritance is present. Regardful geomancy standards it’s becoming a sample example for Pohorje and even wider.

Unitur Rogla is introducing the holistic approach of geomancy for potential new target groups of guests. For the development of the product primary care geomancer Robi Lavin and director of Rogla Robi Kejžar. Rogla is a protective thyroid gland inthe metabolism of Pohorje’s energies. It conducts a clean energy of nature. It represents the central area of Pohorje’s breathing system. People can self-heal on that perfect location of the park. Results are psychosomatic improvements and assuagement of energy with the Earth.