Open learning environment for all generations

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Main activities and goals:

1. Geomantic Analysis, Open Learning Environment and Green Tourism Platform

2. Established 3 open learning environments

3. Education for educators and teachers, tour guides and locals (3 sets)

4. International Conference and presentations

The operation is establishing an open learning environment for all generations, for locals and visitors alike, offering forms of connection and deeper experiences of nature and the environment, and integrating the heritage of the surrounding into kindergartens and schools programs. Within the framework of the operation with the programs of forest pedagogy and pedagogy of cultural heritage, it develops the social function of the forest.

By comprehensively addressing the natural and cultural heritage of the area, it introduces to kindergartens and schools the teaching by sensing.

Based on the geomantic analysis of vital energy sources and the heritage of the area, the project will set up outdoor classrooms and create pedagogical and revitalization programs for locals and visitors. Geomantia is a holistic treatment of nature and the environment. The Platform, as a professional basis for spatial geomantic treatment for open learning and tourism programs, evaluates the natural capacities of the area, provides the basis for municipal spatial planning, a vital-energy tourism map, and project guidelines and starting points for sustainable infrastructure planning for a better environment. It provides a high standard of space health for performing OLE activities with the aim of preserving nature and developing soft contents that contribute to improving the quality of life.

Announcement of the international conference: OPEN LEARNING ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL GENERATIONS

Stranice – Slovenske Konjice – Špitalič: 27 and 28.3. 2020

In March 2020, we are organizing an international conference entitled An Open Learning Environment for All Generations. We will present the results of the LAS project and related practices from abroad. The conference serves to exchange experiences, to expand the network and serves to develop the use of an open learning environment, forest pedagogy and heritage pedagogy while recognizing the importance of a co-natural healthy lifestyle for individuals and communities.

The Open Learning Environment for All Generations project has established outdoor classrooms as well as the model of forest pedagogy and pedagogy of cultural heritage. Open learning environments offers different forms of connection and offers deeper nature experiences, integrates the heritage of the surrounding environment into kindergartens and schools, furthermore it enhances the social function of the forest and nature in general.

Within the project we organized seminars for the development of experiential and creative learning that were based on a holistic approach of integrating rational thinking, sensory response and intuition. Organized within the project educators and teachers attended the seminar “Forest and Intelligence of Nature”, about the methods of empathy and alertness, the wide possibilities of using an open learning environment and comprehensive creative teaching through the heritage.

An open learning environment with the sensitization exercises and with an incorporation of the natural and cultural heritage, is an example of creating a flexible learning environment. It encourages active pursuit of knowledge and curiosity, which are prerequisites for a learning society and lifelong learning. As a source of rich learning environment, an open learning environment with elements of heritage offers dynamically organized opportunities for building the knowledge about the nature and the cultural landscape.

The holistic approach connects and integrates all knowledge, includes subtle levels of the landscape, and seeks better understanding of the nature’s deeper laws in a collaborative relationship in order to improve its cooperation. Contact with nature is very important for the development of all the child’s psychic processes at all stages of development. A rich natural environment, such as the forest, gives the child an array of opportunities to perceive and experience. In the forest, the child becomes accustomed to the natural environment and accepts trees as important creatures of the world.

With a holistic approach, we create the conditions for children to develop all their potentials and integrate a sensitive, intuitive part into the learning process. The forest ecosystem and the cultural landscape presents endless opportunities to learn about

natural and social science topics while developing an empathetic and cooperative relationship with nature.

The forest nourishes not only our knowledge but also our senses. This way we dedicate our research to sensational and internal observation. Through the sensitization exercises, the participants expand their perception, develop their inner senses, raise awareness and are able to express their feelings.

Sensitization is a program of personal transformation and growth. During this program educators are introduced to a holistic view of nature, to the environment and their personal potential. They learn how to recognize and how to use their knowledge about the heritage, and they themselves develop creative teaching techniques. Teachers learn the holistic and creative methods which later on they use at their work. This way, pedagogical workers encourage children to express their personal potentials in a deep, sensitive attitude towards the environment. For the educational purposes we developed an open learning environment. We moved our teaching to the kindergarten’s and school’s surrounding areas, and looked for learning challenges in the environment itself.

After completing their education, the teaching staff designed their own heritage teaching program. The resulting programs will be published in the Open Learning for All Generations monograph, which will be presented at the conference.

To kindergartens and schools, locals and visitors

To kindergartens and schools we introduced certain topics compulsory teaching through the nature and cultural heritage. By involving parents and locals, we connect all generations in the processes of intergenerational learning and the active community, we follow and promote a healthy lifestyle and we raise awareness about the importance of the heritage.

We have established 4 outdoor classrooms, 20 outdoor learning programs and 15 geomancy green tourism programs.

An innovative approach to the outdoor classrooms design: Within the project and based on a geomancy analysis of the vital energy resources and area heritage, outdoor classrooms, pedagogical and revitalization programs for locals and visitors were designed.

Geomancy, as a holistic approach to the nature and environment management, is an established urban and development planning approach in northern Europe. The platform, as a professional basis for spatial geomancy treatment for open learning and tourism programs, evaluates the natural capacities of the area, provides the basis for the municipality’s spatial planning, for a vital-energy tourism map, as well as for project guidelines and starting points for sustainable infrastructure planning for a better environmental status. It provides a high standard of healthy space for performing OUO activities with the aim of preserving nature and developing soft content that contribute to improving the quality of life.

The preserved natural environment is our greatest asset.

Outdoor classrooms, reflecting deeper qualities of the place itself and the identity of the individual location, provide a natural place to carry out a variety of content. The four outdoor made classrooms and 20 educational programs prepared by kindergarten teachers and school teachers offer rich opportunities for learning and give an in-depth experience of nature. Outdoor classrooms are used by different target groups:

kindergartens and schools in the mornings, children with parents in their free time, as well as other locals and visitors.

With trained tourist guides and well prepared programs for relaxation and revitalization in nature, exposure to the cultural heritage, we offer authentic experiences to locals and visitors.

The project has 15 geomancy green tourism management programs prepared by the locals when training for tourist guides.

Everyone who is already active in this field is invited to share its own experiences with us. Everyone who is interested in the topic of the conference and want to learn about the approaches presented is invited and welcomed.


The conference and workshops will be held in three locations:

– Ribniki Stranice, Bukovlje 53, 3206 Stranice

– Tatenbach Park and Crystal Hall at Trebnik Castle, Grajska ulica 9, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

– Dislocated ward of Slovenske Konjice Kindergarten, Špitalič 2, 3215 Loče

How to register:

It is mandatory for all participants to register. There is no registration fee.

By sending an email to you will receive an application form.

More information:čno-okolje-za-vse-generacije