Open learning environment

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In Žička Kartuzija and Špitalič near the town Slovenske Konjice was presented a vision of the development of the Local Community Špitalič, which was prepared by the Municipality and kindergarten Slovenske Konjice and Institute for integral development Geomancy.

A project group for the development of Špitalič was created and an open learning environment for Slovenske Konjice and its surroundings. The main goal of the geomancy project is to raise awareness and educate the local people about the potentials in the environment and opportunities, the evaluation of the natural and cultural heritage, th epossibilities for its development, the importance of the local identity, the healthy way of life and the care for nature and integrated operation and sustainable development

The project innovation in the area of the Municipality of Slovenske Konjice is a geomantically integral sustainable approach that introduces a new model for healthy, sustainable and multifunctional development of the environment and an inclusive society in the care of vulnerable groups. Geomantic study of the environment enables the program’s program to be coordinated with natural features, identification of spatial potentials and creation of a project platform for further creative work with partners.

The geo-open learning environment network is based on geomantically pre-evaluated locations. Serves kindergartens and outdoor learning schools to handle compulsory curriculum and out-of-school activities. The open learning environment promotes curiosity and creative learning, and connection with the home town and recognition of its identity.