Park Innsbruck

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Project environmental holistic development consultation Park Innsbruck  for client arhitect Franz Schoenthaler

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Lavin  and Martinko Co. is company formed by two experts from environmental and project development:

Robi Lavin geomancy expert, teacher and consultant in numerous geomancy projects of different scales in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

Vjeko Martinko (Lovran, Croatia) graduated Mechanical Engineer with long-term International career in implementation of large engineering projects as well as property development projects, and

After successful cooperation on several projects (like Jazbina residential settlement, Lovranske vile development, Domžale public area, and some others) where we implemented geomancy and integrated holistic project management, we decided to join our expertise and experiences in order to offer this knowledge in form of consultancy to third parties.

We found out that nowadays with increase environmental sensibility, the ancient traditions and modern knowledge from quantum physics provide state of the art approach to complexity of contemporary project development.

Geomancy is closely allied to the art of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Its purpose is to identify and neutralize the effects of any terrestrial or other energies which are not in harmony.

Geomancy assesses the earth realm, or spatial relationship. It is helpful for optimum sitting and orientation of new construction. Work with homes, businesses, large parcels of land, farms, gardens, and the property surrounding structures.

The objective in fieldwork is to balance and harmonize the inharmonious energies which flow through, or affect structures. This healing for the Earth translates directly into harmonizing of the interior space and future life of new development.

We provide consultations for a variety of different building types and project scales.

Consultation modalities include:

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Space remedy and enhancement

  • Harmonization of Landscape/Architectural/Interior Design with spatial analysis

  • Harmonization of Construction Planning with spatial analysis

  • Holistic Consultation for optimal project management