Planetary changes 2020

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What is reported by the coronavirus outbreak in China? China has demolished its own yin and yang principle, from a spiritual tradition on its own land. With an economy that kills ecology. The lesson of the story is that the violation of natural laws occurs at the level of civilization. So is the transformation of the Earth. Now is the perfect time to take the transformation inward to yourself. We are preparing for an entirely new situation, which geomancy has been talking about for many years as planetary changes here and here.

The deviations of modern-day civilization have led to a lasting negative backlash. How to get ridof the vicious circle that puts pressure on our health as a disease is aquestion for science, medicine, psychology, ecology and many professions dealing with human and environmental health. The first step is the soberrecognition of the fact that the present disease of civilization is engrainedat all levels and needs to be dealt with in conjunction with a spiritual cause. Otherwise, the story will be repeated, which no one wants.

Viruses have been on Earth for millions of years. Muchmore than humans. The problem that has arisen = the spirit of pollution hasescaped from the bottle. There has been a chain reaction in the biologicalchain of viruses and other complex disorders of pressure and control of therational dominance of nature.

Geomancy diagnostics checks the energy resistance of space and man. Provides protection against disease. Resistance is the result of vitality, grounding and a good immune system. The current coronavirus is a typical occurrence of global negative permeation with local. It belongs to the group of diseases that weaken the immune system. It works on a physiological and energy level.

Such disease symptoms are always in resonance with the specific vulnerability of man and space. The coronavirus is compared to the flu. It is important for every disease to eliminate many of the factors that are mutually supportive in causing negative conditions and to reinforce positive factors for improvement.

The geomancy diagnostics of the Earth’s biofields and interactions with human health apply equally to the micro and macro criteria. Used identical for settlement, city, house, forest, landscape and planetary body.

How to overcome the epidemic, influenza and coronavirus pattern is being asked daily by more and more people. There are external and internal approaches. Both are pervading energy alerts. In case of changes, the warnings are transformed into tension release and recovery.

Geomancy focuses on the positive aspects of planetary changes in the Earth’s and human’s self-healing processes. By working internally on yourself, in touch with nature, regularly practicing sensitization with the life energy of the Earth, and enhancing creativity, you increase your resilience and susceptibility to positive change.

Opening up the planet’s ecological and health transformations also opens up waves of energy transformations at the level of the Earth’s landscape systems and equally to each individual. These waves are seen as energy shocks of transformation. The hologram landscape, the ecosystem of nature, the city, settlement, house and man vibrates daily as an energy membrane.

Ecological Flu: On January 28th, I had a dream that the news reported on TV: that we were in a serious situation. They represent the condition as a plague. They explain we’re like a decameron. The dream is that the historical pattern of the general social crisis of apathy and some kind of flu is repeating itself. It is a general occurrence of ecological flu. We are facing the challenge of personal and global ecology: how to cure the consequences and causes of a wrong attitude to nature and an irresponsible approach to natural laws. Spiritually, the situation teaches us to maintain internal stability and adapt to change.

The parameters of vital energy will become crucial in opening the door to development in relation to the environment, nutritional self-care and healthy home. Sustainable development needs a holistic measure of how it works. Health care, medicine, science, art, ecology, economics, geobiology and many professions face the common challenge of how to work together to co-create contemporary problems in the health of the environment and man. Symptoms of illness should be recognized beyond the existing frames of general drama. The planetary changes we witness in the complex ecosystem of nature and man are interdependently reflected on all levels, from the spiritual to the physical.

The economic downturn that has arisen from thecurrent situation teaches us how to be involved in the circuit. Disruption ofrelationships and cooperation due to the crisis causes a painful cutting ofconnections and community. Those who are properly prepared for the situationwill be successful. Consideration should be given to the reactions of the massdisorientation effect, due to changed coordinates in the economy and socialsphere of life. Above all, so that we can minimize the possibility of a chainreaction.

Learning to change and tune in with nature, reflectcurrent transformations into personal ecology, and take care of ourselves: isbecoming a priority of a period that is just shaping our year 2020.
The time yet to come can be compared with thepredictions of many prophecies. From the point of view of geomantic monitoringof planetary changes, we are faced with an extensive transformation process.The emphasis on the self-healing processes of the Earth and man should be muchmore at the forefront.

The geomantic analysis of the current situation with the coronavirus deals with external and internal factors. Symptomatics of topical coronavirus is a temporary process. The internal causes of the present mental states of people, businesses and society, however, are a longer time process that permeates many other external situations. It is a matter of self-confidence, performance, safety, well-being and change. The evolution of the Earth with all the carrier energies of space transformations is one of the fundamental characteristics in the long run. As a measure of good grounding for all the challenges of life, personally, in the home, work and society.

5 approaches to solving problems:
1.Preventive care for your health. With exercise, healthy food, lifestyle, home and mental mood. 2. Stress management. Both personal and spatial geopathic stress. 3. Maintain internal stability and adapt to change. Regular work on yourself and maintaining the physical and energy tidiness of your home. 4.Remove internal distress, especially those who are chronic. These are the internal blockage mechanisms that pull our external disturbances. They need to be addressed at the level of mental beliefs and emotional distress. It is necessary to train in healing the spirit. Healing with the Earth 5.Improve new forms of creativity. To seek greater contact with yourself and your mission, for the new conditions of the spirit of time and space. This is how we become more satisfied and resilient.

Geomantic enhancement of health in nature is traditional natural therapy and modern holistic practice. A feature of natural therapy is that it activates the body’s self-healing. A holistic approach works by comprehensively addressing all levels of human existence. Supported by appropriate knowledge and skills, geo-therapy with Earth has been successfully used to address the psychosomatic problems, stress and loneliness of a person in need. The results of training participants to practice sensitization with nature are equally effective.

Many modern diseases, burnout, and consumer alienation from nature and the Earth create a massive need to reconnect with Earth.

The geomantic-green experience is a holistic experience of the natural resources and spiritual works of the landscape, known as traditional natural therapy, an updated pilgrimage to holy places, and the sustainable selfness of collaboration with the Earth, its consciousness and life energy. It addresses the visitor holistically. Not only on a general level, but also on a mental, vital and experiential level. It offers the visitor a sense of individuality and at the same time the universality of unification with the quality of the place.

The Spring 2020 Geomancy Seminar is run individually and in a group. It is designed for the new conditions of planetary change 2020.

The lectures and tutorials are led by Robi Lavin, following the tried and tested approach of seminars on geomancy, holistic counseling of mentoring work with people, and study of Earth, nature and living spaces.
The seminar includes dealing with man, home, nature, living environment, social conditions and planetary climate change with his spiritual background. It offers support for change in 2020.

The knowledge is traditional and modern, from the latest findings on the energy laws of living space, planetary home and coexistence with nature and Earth. They are known as energy medicine, feng shui, radiesthesia, bioenergy, living psychology and holistic ecology. Practical examples will be shown.
The holistic knowledge of geomancy helps to take care of themselves in the modern way of life. For personal growth, lifelong learning, developing intuition and creativity – in touch with nature.

The seminar will show case the knowledge, awareness and direction for transformation to current coronavirus events in 2020: at a global, local and personal level. With directions for changes.

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