Planetary changes

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The current planetary changes trigger transformation to the ecological, climatic, social, spiritual and mental dimensions of life. The next year 2019, planetary changes will be intensified on the third potency.
The present time of earthly changes reveals many puzzles from the collective subconscious mind, with the aim of an extensive global transformation.

Global phenomena can be detected on the map as well as local. The study of planetary changes perceives a planetary space as a common planetary home. The study of global planetary changes reveals a collective subconscious mind. The process of observation and interpretation requires deeper insights from one-sided dramatic apocalyptic performances. A pessimistic researcher can easily find the trap to see only negative. First of all, a neutral attitude is needed, an ethical approach and the freedom from dependence on receiving information from the media.
Planetary changes face the awareness of a common environmental situation. Planetary phenomena are a common cause and consequence, which is happening increasingly intensively all over the world.