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Tourist programs in nature are the future, provided they protect the environment and educate the visitors. Geomantic tourism is the result of the cooperation of the municipality, tourist organizations, the environment of nature and people, by revitalizing vital energy flows in increasing the life energy of the environment. Green projects have a genuine interaction with nature – in the standards of achieving sustainable programs and interpretations of natural phenomena.

The geomantic study enables green sustainable projects to understand the multi-dimensionality of the project space – that the approach and dynamics of the content is as deep and interactive as the inhabitants of the population, project actors and visitors. Reflection of natural elements and phenomena in the geomantic understanding of the hologram of life, which speaks of the ubiquitous connection between the environment and man. Understanding the universal laws of the nature of coexistence and interdependence. Locations are interconnected with elements of water, soil, air, fire and ether