Spirit of nature

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In the lower niticeable marginal forest area in Šibenik under Rifnik in Slovenia, where virgin natural landscape is preserved, there are fokus of spritis of nature, in the water ether oasis. They show you the way with simple answers which heal mind complex.  With that mental metamorphosis activate spontaneously.

In the slovenian folk tradition there are some elementary creatures known as guardians of the area, that were protecting people from trouble and magically helped them next to water temples. On that local area they named those creatures “Kresnik” or good fairy. Slovenes imagined fairies as white dressed women, that have their paradise home in the hardly accesible rock caves and next to water sources, pools and torrential brooks.

“Kresniks” are devine and mythological creaturesof autochtonal calendar. ( The age of forefathers, which virtue life with deeprespect of nature, healing, herbalism and primary holiness.) In those names we find symbolse, that are very old. In collective subconscious the spirits of area vibrate in resonance.