Synchronic Lines

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The Book of Synchronicity

Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi)

A modern translation of an ancient book of magic by the contemporary Italian spiritual leader Oberto Airaudi, The Book of Synchronicity taps into the “Synchronic Lines” – rivers of spiritual energy that flow through the universe. These lines link the various celestial bodies and the intelligences that can access them. The lines’ path on Earth, according to the book, takes the form of eighteen Major Lines through which pour ideas, dreams, thoughts, and information. Whenever a reader consults The Book of Synchronicity, he or she is in effect accessing this flow of knowledge.
Easy to understand and use, the book can be consulted immediately for quick answers as well as longer divination processes, with no further study or outside knowledge of other divination traditions necessary.
The technique is simple: readers ask a question and then throw a die, while concentrating on the question


Synchronic Lines : The communication system in our planet and the universe

The Synchronic Lines comprise a communication system that connects all of the heavenly bodies where life is found.

On Earth, 18 main Synchronic Lines connect to each other through minor lines. The 18 main lines join together at the north and south poles to form a single line at each pole that projects into the universe.

Anything that does not have a physical body can travel through the Synchronic Lines, such as thoughts, energies, emotions and soul structures that are going to inhabit a physical body for a new incarnation. It also includes soul structures that are traveling toward the Threshold after death, and so on. The network of Synchronic Lines is like the central nervous system of the universe and each individual planet. Being in contact with the Synchronic Lines means being at the center of a flow of thought and information, which can be extremely inspiring. It is possible to contribute to this flow through awareness and the ability to direct one’s thoughts. The reason why Damanhur was founded in the Canavese area of Italy is precisely because of the presence of four Synchronic Lines, which can be contacted through the Temples of Humankind. This region is one of two places on the planet where four Synchronic Lines converge; the other one is in Tibet.

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