Villa Muzika

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Villa Muzika is situated in the middle of a Mediterranean garden, between two cedar trees, which offer nice shadow duringthe summer heat. It lives in quiet surroundings away from the main road. Thehouse is open to visitors who would like to rent an apartment and enjoy otheroffered activities. It has a reception hall, a dining room for 15 people and abigger room for workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

The Muzika project has been evolving since the summer 2001. It has been run by the owner of the house and of the company with thesame name, energy therapist Beba Splichal from Ljubljana. The project has beenestablished as the center of alternative tourism

Muzika is a restored Mediterranean villa. located between two big cedartrees. In its garden there are olive and pine trees, old cedar tree, cypressesand a huge fig tree where one can find shadow even during the summer heat.

While planning the new house design according to its new purpose, thearchitects integrated its previous identity: the villa was a residence of theTrieste sailor Richard Stefani who built the house on the top of thenuninhabited hill, so that once retired he could watch the sea from the windows.He designed the house in such a way that each of its four corners correspondsone point of the compass. The house thus serves as a kind of a compass whichhelps you get oriented when looking for your specific destination.

The trees the sailor planted are now hiding the view of the sea and haveoutgrown the house but the smell of the sea and the music of its waves stillreach every corner of the house. When you fall asleep in the evening with thewindows open or outside under the stars, you can easily feel the vicinity ofthe shore. The cypresses’ tops are lit by the beams of light from the Savudrijalight-house: in clear nights this light can be seen all across the bay of Piranand even Trieste. When enjoying such moments, I feel immensely grateful and Ithank the sailor and all my friends without whom I would not be able to shareall this with you.

While planning the space, we wanted to preserve the glamour of pasttimes yet we intended to give the house an opportunity to express its energiesin a new way. The restoration was monitored by geomantics expert Robi Lavin from Križ near Sežana who used different tools to measure the health of the space. Consequently he analyzed the quality of the living space and set up three cosmograms within it.

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