Winter solstice

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For the winter solstice we celebrated the passage of nature into a new cycle in Škocjan in the Karst, which is the geomantic place of transformation. The purpose of such meetings is to create a network of connecting with the Earth. Meetings are interdisciplinary with a common feature of connecting with nature and planetary home.

Škocjan on the Karst, Škocjan Caves and Matavun are the uterus of the Karst body. It represents the main geomantic subterranean organ of the Karst and the most important underground phenomenon in the Karst region
The stream of Reka and its underground stream represent the secrets of underground archetypes.The region in this area has attracted a man from the prehistoric times. Every conscious visitor here experiences a change in energy states in the body under the umbilical cord.The rest of the subconscious moves the visitor into the stream of changes and re-transformations.

When you enter into such geomantic points with the group, opens a different and wider awareness of inspiration as when you come alone. It is about the importance of a community. When you are tuning in geomantic point with a group, the different coordinates of universal Cosmos and Earth support through the community group.